Vision 7.5: Manage More with Resource Planning Enhancements

Posted by Dawn Gajewski on December 1, 2015

Vision 7.5 Header

Last year, with the release of Vision 7.4, Deltek re-introduced task dependencies in the Vision Resource Planning module. A new Schedule tab was added where a Project Manager can build their project schedule, set start and end dates, duration and task dependencies all from an interactive Gantt chart.

With Vision 7.5, we have further enhanced the task dependency functionality and other areas of the planning module to make it easier for project managers to manage their project schedule.

  • Save time setting up tasks dependencies
    • We’ve expanded the right-click functionality. You can now set any relationship by selecting the predecessor and successor tasks and then selecting the appropriate relationship from the right-click menu options.


  • Set up relationships for all tasks in a group. You can now select a parent level of the work-breakdown structure and make all of its tasks either predecessors or successors. For example, if you have two phases of work, each phase has 10 tasks and all of the tasks for Phase 1 must be complete before beginning work on all the tasks in Phase 2. You can select Phase 1, hold down the CTRL button and select Phase 2, then right click and pick Set FS relationship. Now all the tasks for Phase 1 must be complete before you can begin the tasks in Phase 2.


  • To better understand which tasks will be predecessors or successors, all predecessor task bars will now turn blue when selected and all successor task bars will remain green.


  • Easily update your project schedule
    • Easily change task duration and update resources just by dragging either end of a task bar.
    • When dragging the front or back end of the task bar, a dialog box appears asking if you want to re-spread your resource hours/amounts evenly within the new duration.


  • A new option is available that can be turned on to automatically re-spread resource hours/amounts evenly when dragging the end of the task bar in order to eliminate being interrupted with the dialog box.


  • Visually understand relationship between tasks
    • Relationship arrows not only help to identify which tasks have relationships, but the arrows will now also represent the type of relationship.


  • Report task dependencies 
    • Display predecessor tasks and lag/lead on the Project Planning Schedule and Project Planning Performance reports.



Save time planning projects, easily update project schedules, visually understand the relationship between tasks and show a project’s task dependencies on reports all by upgrading to Vision 7.5. As you can see, with the release of Vision 7.5, planning a project in Vision Resource Planning will be easier than ever before.