Vision Tips & Tricks: Improve Workflow Rejection Alerts

Posted by Brent Johnson on September 15, 2015


This Vision tip of the week is brought to you as part of our Back to the Basic series. Our Vision Product Management team is sharing tips and tricks to make your Vision experience even better. This week, we are focusing on improving approval workflows with workflow rejection alerts.

Include the submitter in rejection alerts

If the ‘reject action’ for your purchasing approval workflow is ‘assign to submitter,’ then it is a good idea to also send the rejection alert to the submitter.

By default, alerts are sent to the ‘currently assigned’ approver. This is most helpful when multiple approvers are assigned to a single approval step. This allows the other approvers to see that the record has been rejected. Including the submitter in the rejection alert will help speed up the resubmit process because the submitter will also receive an immediate alert when the record is rejected.