Improve Project Performance and Mitigate Risks with Deltek iAccess for Vision

Posted by Dawn Gajewski on June 29, 2015


Project managers in growing firms usually want one thing – more time to manage and execute projects. Yet, all too often, project managers are working harder than they need to with disjointed, cumbersome tools, which means inaccurate or incomplete data and uninformed decisions at the executive level.

Deltek iAccess for Vision gives project managers an easy-to-use centralized tool designed with the busy project manager in mind. With iAccess, PMs can plan, manage, monitor and execute projects in a streamlined and consolidated manner. Project managers can easily identify possible problems on projects so they can proactively respond to avoid issues. iAccess delivers the power of Vision with a simpler, intuitive workspace with the information you need at your fingertips.


Focus More. Do More. See More.

Deltek iAccess gives project managers a centralized tool to manage projects information, delivering:

  • Access anywhere, anytime to project information that project managers need most
  • A quick and simple view of key project metrics
  • Easy resource planning with actual and generic resources so you forecast and deliver with accurate hours and costs
  • Alerts and warnings when projects are at risk before it’s too late
  • Easy access to review, comment and approve invoices for greater control over the project’s bottom line