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What is the status of the A&E Industry?

Running a successful A&E firm is like a recipe for a great meal – you need the right ingredients and the right quantities to achieve the desired outcome. But, for A&E firms, what are those ingredients and who determines the perfect balance or quantities for each ingredient?

In a perfect world, the average collection period for accounts receivables would be zero, every employee would be 100% utilized, overhead rates would be next to nothing and firms would have a 100% win rate – the recipe for a perfectly successful A&E firm.

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, A&E firm leaders are always trying to find the right balance that leads to profitability, growth and success. The Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry Study gives leaders critical benchmarks to see how they measure up in the industry and where there are opportunities for improvement. In its 36th year, this A&E Industry study is the oldest and longest-running study of its kind and provides a holistic view of the health of A&E firms of all sizes throughout North America.

In general, A&E firms have much to celebrate this year, but there is still room for improvement. This year’s study highlights several key findings including:

  • Financial recovery is steady, but there is still room for improvement
  • Many financial indicators improved again in 2014, but not all are back to pre-recession strength. Highlighted are which ones are on the rise and which ones are in jeopardy.
  • Firms continue to face increased competition and limited time for business development
  • A&E firms are optimistic about prospects in 2015, but in which markets?
  • Top challenges facing project managers, including project management pitfalls that point to bottom-line impacts

So, how does your firm measure up? Are you even tracking the right KPIs? Are you on par with other firms your size? Are you a high performing firm or do you have room for improvement? How are you performing in terms of business development and project management benchmarks? Discover how to use this information to give you a competitive advantage on your next project pursuit.

The Deltek Clarity study will give you key insight into current KPIs A&E firms need to be tracking and historical trends so you can benchmark and set realistic goals for your firm.

For more details on this year’s results, join us for a free webinar series on June 17 and July 7 or download the report to share with your team.

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We’re really excited about sharing the results of this year’s study with you! This is the first post in a series that will dive into the details of this year’s report and how you can use the results to shape the future of your firm and get closer to your definition of perfection.