What is the Equipment Info Center? A new feature of Vision 7.4 Purchasing Module

Posted by Ed Zanaty on March 18, 2015


With the release of Vision 7.4, Deltek was able to incorporate several new features into the Purchasing module, namely:

  • A robust approval engine
  • Incorporating Transactional Document Management (TDM)
  • Many client requested enhancements
  • Project-centric focused features

For this blog post, I would like to review the Project Centric enhancements, specifically, the addition of the Equipment Info Center (EQIC).


Firms find themselves needing to procure items associated with billable projects and not just supplies associated with the firm’s operations. And these firms are turning to software like Vision to streamline the Procure-to-Pay process for these projects.

In the past, Vision Purchasing users would pick from a master catalog of items located in the Item Master. But, once the item was purchased and the purchase order finalized, there was no way to track detailed information about the specific purchased item. To solve this issue, Deltek created the Equipment Info Center in Vision 7.4 to house the item and its association with a project.

Let’s review the process to enable the EQIC feature:

Step 1 - Configuration: In order to create the Equipment Item directly from a purchase order, you must first go to Configuration/Vision Purchasing/System Settings and either add new categories with the type set to Equipment or modify an existing category type to Equipment. Note: selecting “Capital Item” will also create an EQIC item.


Then, update your company-specific settings as appropriate. This will include entering the starting number for the “Equipment Number” assigned as part of the creation process. Note: in Vision 7.5, the numbering process will be enhanced to allow for auto numbering.


Now you are ready to add/update items in Item Master with the proper category.


Step 2 – Create a Purchase Order: Once configuration is complete, if a buyer creates a purchase order for an item that has a type of Equipment or Capital Item, and then selects “Print” and “Final Print,” the purchase order is locked and it also will create the EQIC item as part of that process.


The Equipment Item - The resulting EQIC item is located in a fully featured info center that will allow the user to add additional fields/tabs to fit their purchasing process.


Note: Vision 7.4 will also allow the user to manually create an EQIC item by selecting “New” in the menu bar.

EQIC Item in Project Review - The user can also see all EQIC items associated to a project by going to Accounting/Project Review/Equipment tab:


Managing physical assets can be a requirement of business in the A/E industry, and with software like Vision with the purchasing module, users are finding the tool very helpful, allowing them to move away from spreadsheets and toward a focused process that creates efficiencies in operations.

In keeping with the theme of managing assets, Deltek will release a new Asset Management module in Vision 7.5 that will also utilize the EQIC. The goal of the forthcoming module is to integrate the Procurement, Payment and now Asset Management process within one tool – Vision.