Improve Project Schedules with Task Dependencies in Vision 7.4

Posted by Dawn Gajewski on February 9, 2015


With the release of Vision 7.4, Deltek has added the ability to create task dependencies in Project Planning.


The new schedule tab in Project Planning gives project managers a Gantt chart view of their project plan. Within the Gantt, you can right click or double click on any task bar to create a dependent relationship between the current task and any other selected task(s).

You can choose from four standard relationships: Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish and Start-to-Finish. You can also build lag or lead time into the schedule when necessary. In addition to building relationships, you can move any level of the project plan to a different start date by using a drag and drop feature within the Gantt. You can also increase or decrease the duration of any task by sliding the start or end date of any task bar within the Gantt. This interactive functionality makes changing the schedule very simple and if dependencies have been created, changing dates on one task will automatically move all successor tasks.


By adding this task dependency functionality into Project Planning, project managers can more efficiently manage their project schedules. Project managers also will be able to see the impact that one change can have on their entire project schedule and, as a result, more accurately communicate the impacts of a change to clients and project teams in order to make well-informed decisions on projects.