Invoice Formatting Enhancements - Vision 7.4

Posted by Melissa Coffey on February 17, 2015


In our quest to provide more flexible invoice formatting, we started by asking our users for samples of current invoices. The feedback was excellent and led to our focus in Vision 7.4 on general invoice formatting enhancements and fee section enhancements.

The overall themes included simplifying the invoice, highlighting the invoice total and providing more flexibility on how and when subtotals appear.

Add standard and custom fields from Projects Info Center

The single most frequent request was the ability to include more fields from the Project Info Center in the header of the invoice. You may need to print the customer PO Number on the invoice or include the market segment or project type. The Project Column Selection within the Invoice Template Editor has been expanded to allow you to choose any standard or custom field associated with the project.


Highlight invoice totals

Has your client ever paid the wrong amount? Printing the invoice total in bold at the beginning of the invoice can help you get paid the right amount the first time. The new Totals tab within the Invoice Template Editor allows you to print the invoice total in the header section of the invoice along with single and double lines around the invoice total at the end of the invoice.

Simplify how subtotals display

Would you like to show one simple total for Expenses and then provide any necessary detail on a backup report? Most invoice sections (labor, consultant, expenses, taxes, etc.) now include an option to print totals only. The invoice will show the section label and the section subtotal.


Several enhancements create a simpler, more consolidated invoice when multiple projects, phases or tasks are included. For example, you can now choose if you want the projects, phases and tasks separated by a solid line, dashed line or no line at all. You can choose to only show the Project/Phase/Task names without including a label or number. In addition, you can choose to remove the Project/Phase/Task subtotals.


Do you break out your fee into billing phases? Is that list of billing phases extensive and would benefit from logical grouping (i.e. Basic Services and Additional Services)? The Fee tab within Billing Terms now allows you to define groups for your billing phases and display subtotals on those billing phase groups.