Role-appropriate views with VPM

Posted by Megan Miller on December 16, 2014


This post is the last in a seven-part series that highlights the benefits of Vision Performance Management or VPM. Click here for the first post in the series.

First, what is VPM?
VPM is the only powerful business intelligence solution built specifically for project-focused organizations. You can proactively improve performance and mitigate risks across the entire organization before it’s too late.

Who should have VPM?
VPM-dashboard-5What success looks like changes depending on your role in the firm. Monitoring and managing KPIs often goes beyond the executive team, but these key team members often lack access to reports, resources and tools to quickly identify potential risks. VPM can be customized for the executive level, business development team, project management team or profit centers so they can see the KPIs that are critical to their effectiveness and success.

With VPM, you can see the metrics that matter most to you while maintaining high security standards. As a part of Deltek Vision, VPM honors Vision security levels so staff only sees what they have access to. Managers can manipulate the data and quickly dive deeper into areas that need more analysis or attention, saving significant time previously spent sifting through reports.

To see how it works, check out “What Drives Your Decisions?” on Slideshare today!

Want more information on how to add VPM to your Vision platform so you can let your goals drive your decisions? Contact your account manager for more details.