7 Tips to get the Most from Deltek Insight

Posted by Megan Miller on October 1, 2014


Attending a large conference like Deltek Insight can be a little overwhelming, especially for a first-timer. But, it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning, this year can be your best Insight yet.

For several years, I have attended Deltek Insight as a customer and am often asked what I recommend to first-time attendees or Insight veterans. Here are my top 7 tips to walk away from Insight with valuable knowledge that can directly impact your business.

  1. Get your questions ready – work with your internal Vision users to develop a list of questions. These could be questions about another Vision module, how to use Vision to solve a business challenge you are facing or what does the future of Vision look like. This becomes your roadmap for the week and will help you select sessions, network and make sure you walk away with the answers you need.
  2. Build your schedule now – don’t wait until you get to Insight to choose your sessions. Take time to review what is available on the session scheduler and fill your schedule before you get to Orlando. Select the sessions that help answer your questions and improve your Vision system. In a few weeks, I’ll highlight some must-see Vision sessions.
  3. Note the light bulbs – don’t just take notes about what the speaker says. Write down what your firm can do with that information. Some of my best ideas come from seeing other firm’s screen shots. How does this solve your business challenge? How will this make life easier for your users?
  4. Ask, ask, ask – don’t be afraid to ask questions. This conference is for you, the attendee. Set up a “meet the experts” appointment for a chance to talk to a Deltek representative and get your questions answered. Connect with speakers for more clarification, talk with other users and just be inquisitive.
  5. Network with other “Visionaries” – before you get to Orlando, reach out to others in your user groups, online forums or other industry contacts to see who you can meet face-to-face at Insight. Then, once you are on site, don’t just go back to your room and fire up your laptop. Join in the fun and meet fellow Visionaries (Vision users) along the way. From the opening reception and keynote speaker to sessions and Celebrate Insight, take advantage of networking opportunities. You will make contacts that will be great resources after the event.
  6. Leverage your meals – when you eat at Insight, there’s not only a plethora of food, but there are plenty of large tables and other Vision users. Find a few and strike up a conversation. Share tips and tricks or ask questions you haven’t gotten answered yet. You can learn a lot while enjoying that second dessert.
  7. Schedule time to put it all together – after attending a conference packed with educational sessions, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Before you even leave for the event, schedule two meetings – one to comb through your notes by yourself and one with your Vision team to share what you learned and create a list of action items to improve your system, your process and your business. After all, that’s the purpose of going to the conference, right?

Start planning and packing. Make this year’s Insight the best yet!

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