Get More out of Vision 7.3 with these general usability enhancements

Posted by Brent Johnson on September 10, 2014


In each new Vision release, the Vision Product Management Team incorporates several General Usability Improvements. This is an opportunity to address high-demand wishlist requests and enhance portions of features that have been released in previous versions. Vision 7.3 is no exception. The following is a summary of the general usability improvements that have been included in the 7.3 release. Enjoy!

Are you looking to spruce up the dashboard? Check these out…

Dashpart Column Selection
The info center dashparts have been updated to allow any info center field to be displayed within the dashpart. You can now choose which fields you want to display as columns within each dashpart. The field selector adheres to role security.


Advanced WBS Search for Project Dashpart
Advanced WBS search capabilities were added in Vision 7.1. We have now extended the search capabilities to the project dashpart allowing you to view WBS2/3 data without having to navigate to the project info center. Coupled with the column selection enhancement, you may never need to leave the dashboard again.


AR Invoice Review Dashpart
We’ve introduced a new system dashpart – the AR Invoice Review. It is a hybrid of the invoice review and project review applications. You can use the project lookup to display just the projects you want. Are you a PM that wants to view the outstanding AR for your projects only? No problem!


Since the introduction of Transactional Document Management (TDM) in Vision 7.1, no Vision release would be complete without a couple of high demand TDM requests.

Print Supporting Documents with Expense Reports
Probably one of the most highly requested enhancements to TDM has been for the ability to print the supporting documents along with the expense report. Now, simply select the “Print Supporting Documents” from the print dropdown menu to print the documents you need.


And we took it a step further for the administrators as well.

If you need to print expense reports for multiple employees at a time, you can choose to include their supporting documents as well.


But the fun doesn’t end there…

View Supporting Documents in Project Review

We have added the TDM document column to the drill-down dialogs for consultants and expenses as well.


RDL File Upload Self Service
We have added the ability for report writers to upload their RDL files to Vision. You no longer have to worry about the application or report servers. It’s all just a couple of clicks away within report administration.


Simply select the Upload button on the custom reports tab, select the RDL file, and click open. Done! The RDL file will be automatically published to the report server. If the report server becomes out of sync, you can fix that by simply clicking the synchronize button. Tip: Don’t forget to also upload the RDL files for the sub-reports, if applicable.


User Accounts Report
We have expanded the User Accounts report to also include the reset password at next login and windows authentication indicators, as well as the domain.


And to make it easier to find the users you are looking for…

User Lookup Enhancement
We have added domain and windows authentication search by fields to the user lookup.
And finally, for the savvy administrator, we have made an enhancement to User Initiated Workflow.


Ability to Control Sequence of Workflow Events
Move Up and Move Down commands have been added to the Workflows grid to allow you to order the sequence of events in a logical manner. Vision reads the workflows from top to bottom. If, for example, the third event is designed to launch an error, Vision will not fire off the actions for the subsequent workflows if the error is encountered.


We hope you are as excited to get your hands on these new enhancements as we were implementing them. As always, we are actively seeking your input and feedback in order to make Vision more powerful and usable with each new release. Please contact us at with any questions.