Take the Headache Out of Corporate Credit Card Reconciliation with Vision 7.3

Posted by Melissa Coffey on August 25, 2014


Do you have company paid credit cards? Does someone have to email the monthly credit card statement to cardholders for them to fill in the project information?  Are you waiting for the monthly statement to see the costs on the project? Are you frustrated chasing down cardholders to enter missing charges?

Vision 7.3 credit card reconciliation makes the entire credit card process more efficient, timely and accurate for firms using company paid credit cards.

As a cardholder, you can see all of your outstanding charges on your expense report.  You can select the charges related to the current expense report, add the charges to the expense report, code each charge to the correct project and expense account, and upload the receipt. No more excuses for delays in getting credit card charges into Vision and onto the projects.


For the accounting team, importing credit card transactions eliminates the need to rekey the expense line items in Vision. Download the transactions from the credit card company website on a frequency of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and import into Vision. Once imported, the cardholder can easily select and add charges to a selected expense report.

The credit card reconciliation provides a simple interface that shows all the transactions associated with a credit card.  The reconciliation goes a step further and automates the reconciliation of imported transactions with the linked expense report or voucher.


Finally, credit card reconciliation provides search and review to see all credit card charges within a defined timeframe. For example, you can easily analyze all charges to Staples for the current year or find the last time you paid a magazine subscription.

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