Manage Projects More Closely with Compensation Breakdown in Vision 7.3

Posted by Ed Zanaty on August 27, 2014


As a project manager, you need to keep a close eye on the project's bottom line. Vision 7.3 provides additional granularity for the project's fee structure so you can quickly know more about the financial health of your projects.

Prior to Vision 7.3, the total compensation was broken down into compensation, consultant fee and reimbursable allowance amounts. Now, the breakdown goes even further including:

  • Compensation is broken down into Direct Labor Fee and Direct Expense Fee
  • Consultant Fee is relabeled Direct Consultant Fee
  • Reimbursable Allowance is broken down into Reimbursable Expense and Reimbursable Consultant


Also, Project Review and Project Planning Analysis have been enhanced to incorporate the additional functionality.


Do you have report favorites that use these fields? No problem. Because the compensation, consultant fee and reimbursable allowance fields are still available in Vision 7.3, any custom reports or custom items using these fields will continue to function as they did prior to Vision 7.3.

Log into the Customer Care site today to download the full release notes for Vision 7.3 and upgrade now! Give your team access to all the great tools and capabilities Deltek Vision has to offer.