Expense Reports Made Easy with Vision Navigator!

No one likes to do expense reports, they are a necessary evil.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were easier to do?

What if…

  • You didn’t have keep all those paper receipts, instead you could take a picture of your expense receipt, upload it and attach it to your expense report?
  • You could use your tablet to input your expense report?
  • You had visibility into the status of your submitted expense report – especially the PAID status?

Now, with the newest version of Vision Navigator, Navigator 1.8, you can enter your expense report from your tablet device, anytime anywhere.   The Navigator employee workspace, which previously included timesheets, has been enhanced to include expense reports.

Easy expense report entry - Easily create a new expense report, review and edit “in progress” reports, and see the status of your expense reports – from submitted, approved, posted to paid.

Attach expense receipts - attaching receipts is easier than ever.  Take a picture of your receipt or upload an electronic copy and attach it directly to the line on you rexpense report that corresponds to the expense receipt. It’s that easy.

Print your expense report - Not a problem, print directly from Navigator whenever you want or set up expense reports to print automatically when you submit them.

Vision Navigator Report

What Else is New in Navigator 1.8?

We’ve added some new features and improved existing functionality with this release. Here are some highlights:

New Features

  • Timesheet Selection Panel:  We have added a Timesheet Panel to make selecting, copying and/or viewing the status of your timesheet easier.
  • Timesheet Print Report to Include Revision Audit Report: You can now include your Revision Audit Report when printing your timesheet.
  • Timesheet Print Report When Submitted:  Just like Vision, you can now automatically print your timesheet when submitted.

Usability Improvements

  • Timesheet Printing:  Will now remembers your last selections (even across sessions) when printing timesheets.
  • Display Menus:  Improved and more consistent look.
  • Support Internet Explorer 11
  • Support Safari with Private Browsing
  • And More…..

Navigator 1.8 is available to all Vision customers’ current on maintenance at no additional charge.

Download Navigator

Download the latest version of here (this version of Navigator is compatible with Vision 7.1 and Vision 7.2).