Manage Plans More Accurately by Redistributing Planned Hours

Posted by Dawn Gajewski on November 9, 2021

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Vantagepoint 4.5 includes several features that will help project managers (PM) with efficiency and accuracy. One of the features project managers are sure to love is the ability to redistribute planned hours. This feature is extremely robust and allows a PM to make changes to planned hours for any selected date range within a plan (past or present) from any level of the plan.

PMs will typically use this during the execution phase of a project, when changes occur.  A few common scenarios where redistributing planned hours will be critical to PMs include:

When a project is contracted for a set number of hours and the project has deviated from plan

By redistributing planned hours, PMs can replace planned with actual hours for any selected range from any level of the plan. PMs can then choose to spread the difference evenly or proportionally into any selected range, even extending beyond the current end dates.

Vantagepoint Redistribute Planned Hours

When a PM needs to quickly change the planned hours for a selected range, even when some of those dates are in the past

The majority of our users love the fact that planning projects in Vantagepoint has been simplified so that they only need to worry about updating the future or Estimate-to-Complete. However, not all projects are created equal and sometimes PMs need update the planned hours for past dates. PMs can change planned hours for any selected date range from any level of the plan and spread the hours proportionally or evenly.

Vantagepoint Redistribute Planned Hours

When PMs would like an even distribution of hours for a selected range

PMs can select any date range from any level of the plan and spread the total hours for that range evenly for each assignment.

Vantagepoint Redistribute Planned Hours

This feature is very robust and helps project managers efficiently update their plans when their projects inevitably deviate from plan. We are excited for project managers to be empowered to better manage their project plans with greater flexibility. If you are an administrator, we highly encourage you to enable this feature and give PMs access so they can take advantage of redistributing planned hours.


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