New Consulting Workshops: Get the Most Out of Vantagepoint in 2021

Posted by Stephanie Staats on March 24, 2021

A lot may have changed since you first started using your Deltek software, perhaps you’ve recently implemented Vantagepoint or upgraded from Vision, and maybe you are in the process of upgrading now.  The good news is that we have Virtual Consulting Workshops taught on the Vantagepoint platform so that whatever phase you may be it, we have a team of experts ready to help you reach peak performance. These half-day workshops include not only industry best practices and processes, but focus on little known features and functionality that you may not even know exists in the product.

Each workshop will include training, discussions and live lab environments, and after the class, you will have many great takeaways to implement at your firm immediately. Current Vision users are encouraged to participate in the Vantagepoint workshops to get hands-on experience with the new product. 

Deltek is offering Vantagepoint workshops within the Finance, Project Management, and CRM tracks to focus your training on the areas that are important to your team.

Here’s the current lineup of workshops so that you and your team can plan accordingly. Please visit the registration page to explore offering dates.


Finance Track

Vision to Vantagepoint Upgrade Best Practices 
Join this session to go over best practices when planning your upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint.  The topics will include a review of documentation that is available, a sample project plan, and a takeaway workbook to help guide your team.  This session will primarily be useful for firms that are planning their upgrade within the next 12 months.  It will compliment other Deltek offerings, such as the Client Assistance Program (CAP) to ensure your firm adds to their tool chest before embarking on this exciting task.

Vantagepoint Workflows 
Learn how creating workflows can create consistency in your database by automating steps that are redundant within your firm. Several example workflows will be demonstrated and reviewed, with plenty of time for attendees to create their own workflows, ask questions, and troubleshoot during the session.

Vantagepoint Revenue Generation 
Vantagepoint's revenue generation feature allows companies to define how revenue is earned, instead of simply basing revenue on invoicing.  Join this session to review the system's standard methods and how they can be modified to better use them at your firm. 

Vantagepoint Time & Expense 
Join this session to learn more about ways to leverage the time and expense modules to better allocate costs, manage outside consultant time efficiently, and roll out the mobile application to your users. Both the time and expense approval workflows will be discussed and demonstrated.

Vantagepoint Financial Reporting & Dashboards 
Even some long-term users of Vantagepoint are not aware of the innovative ways the system can be used to format their financial reports. This session will not only cover standard reporting functionality, but also attendees will be able to create summarized P&L statements that organize profit centers in a columnar format, review general ledger budgeting, and year-end forecast reporting.  Additionally, a review of standard Vantagepoint Dashboards will be included.

Vantagepoint Accounts Receivable
Vantagepoint has made approving client invoices easy with the interactive approvals module, with several exciting updates recently released.  Join this session to see how you can be using the software to shorten the time it takes to bill and speed up collections.

Vantagepoint Accounts Payable 
As companies are adopting a more remote workforce, the days of passing a folder of invoices for approval around the office are largely behind us. Join this session to review accounts payable features that are in Vantagepoint/Vision that can help streamline your business processes.

Vantagepoint Human Resources 
As the one source of truth for your organization, Vantagepoint can be used by your Human Resources department to track HR related requirements such as FMLA or Training. The session will cover creating a process to progress absence requests through the approval process and the allocation of benefit hours for use by staff.

Vantagepoint & Vision Purchasing 
The Purchasing Module allows companies to issue purchase orders to their consultants or vendors and seamlessly track committed expenses throughout the life of their projects.  Join this session to learn more about how using the purchasing module can give greater visibility into upcoming costs and speed up the approval process of invoices that are attached to an approved PO.


2021 Vantagepoint Consulting Workshops

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Project Management Track

Project Planning, Resource Management, and Revenue Forecasts
This session will teach project planning best practices and processes to move your project management goals forward. Join to learn about how to plan your projects to help your firm plan for future resourcing needs and check out the new Revenue Forecasting tool that was recently released in Vantagepoint 3.5.

Project Management Dashboards and Reporting
One of the big advantages of project planning/budgeting is that it gives managers insight into the future.  Join this session to review what can be achieved once data is input into the system, via either project budgets, project plans or user-defined components.  Practice building project management dashboards that will give your project managers the information they need in a format that is easy to consume. 

Project Management Excellence
This session will help firms best understand how Deltek tools can help elevate their project manager’s engagement with projects and their software.  Project management best practices will be discussed and the workshop will focus on how to help project managers get what they need to be successful.  This session will be taught using the Vantagepoint platform, however will also benefit Vision clients as well. 

10 Benefits of Project Planning
Deltek experts lead attendees of this session through an exploration of how project planning can change the culture of your firm towards maximizing project manager engagement.  This workshop will help to motivate your staff to deliver project-focused results while improving insight into future-based metrics. This session will be taught using the Vantagepoint platform, however will also benefit Vision clients as well.

CRM Track

CRM Dashboards
Vantagepoint Dashboards are very powerful and can be used to help Team Members easily see key pipeline data and upcoming milestones.  During this session, we'll explore the standard dashboards that may be of interest to CRM users. 

CRM Firms, Contacts & Pursuits
In this session we will learn tips and tricks for capturing client/prospect relationship and pipeline information. We will review processes for updating pursuit to move them through their pursuit stages using Project List View.

CRM Reports
This session is entirely focused on CRM Pursuits' Reporting. Participants will work through the processes for creating and saving favorite reports for active pursuit lists, forecasts of potential revenue/pipeline, and hit rate reporting. Learn about key project fields that drive the forecast and hit rate reporting and learn how to save time and hassle generating multiple views of your firm's pursuit tracking, pipeline, and successes.

CRM Activity Tracking
Let's go in-depth on Activity Tracking in Vantagepoint. There are many ways to capture activities to make it as easy as possible for business development actions and touchpoints to be recorded and visible to others. We'll explore how to use activities in the most effective and efficient ways to stay on top of key relationships and ensure follow-ups are completed in a timely manner

CRM Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns have been used by Professional Services firms for a variety of marketing efforts. Join this session to explore common uses, such as organizing and recording information related to contact and prospect mailings, newsletters, conferences and tradeshows, company events, and more. During the session, we will explore methods for producing mailing lists and campaign reports.

CRM Proposals
In this session, you get everything you need to gain a clear understanding of where and how best to enter and maintain data for use on resumes, project sheets/case studies, firm profiles, and references' lists.   Learn how to streamline production of submissions, minimize preparation time and improve communication among the proposal team.


Benefit from Vantagepoint product expertise and get on the right track for 2021 with Virtual Consulting Workshops! Space is limited so be sure to register now, or if you have questions for the team about upcoming workshops, contact the Deltek Vantagepoint team to get started.

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