2020 Deltek Insight on Demand

Insight 2020 was definitely like no other previous Insight conference.  Like nearly all conferences and customer events these days, Insight 2020 pivoted from an in-person event to a virtual event.  With this pivot came many significant changes – from the lack of one-on-one conversations to a completely new way of delivering content.  Bottom line, nearly everything was different this time around.

However, one thing stayed the same – Insight 2020 remained a customer-focused event filled with a massive amount of compelling and informative content aimed at energizing and exciting the Deltek customer base about their use of Deltek solutions and the value they can bring to their company.  While, we could not be together in person, shaking hands, having conversations, we were still very much together, virtually.

This virtual format did nothing to dissuade attendance.  In fact, Insight 2020 saw attendance records broken nearly five times over.  The Vantagepoint/Vision attendance alone was more than 4,500 people strong and represented a more diversely global audience than any previous Insight conference.  This audience experienced over 60 sessions focused explicitly on Vantagepoint and a host of other general sessions highlighting Deltek’s overall direction and innovation strategies.

The Vantagepoint team kicked off the conference by sharing highlights across the Vantagepoint product with each team member sharing what has them most excited today and into the future.


Ed Zanaty shared the progress being made on reimagining the purchasing and asset management functionality within the new browser-based interface.  Teresa Bever demonstrated the massively expanded email integration, Vantagepoint Connect

Vantagepoint Connect 

Waymond Eng highlighted his excitement around the new ICR functionality in the Vantagepoint mobile time and expense app allowing users to capture images of receipts and have them immediately transformed into line items on expense reports.  Adam Churchill gave the audience a glimpse into a future feature – a Vendor/Client portal – on which we are working that will allow customers to interact with both vendors and clients through an online portal to collaborate around invoices, payments and other project correspondence. 

Vantagepoint Vendor Portal

Melissa Coffey shared her excitement around two imminent new features.  First, she highlighted the ability to markup draft invoices directly within the Vantagepoint application as a part of the invoice approval process.  And second, she shared improvements made within interactive billing allowing for smarter delivery of final invoices.

Vantagepoint Draft Invoice Markup 

Mike Klaus’s excitement covered a host of back office related improvements including transactional document management within journal entries, user defined fields within transactions, preservation of billing client history across account receivables and a new automation feature that will allow customers to connect Vantagepoint to their financial institution to have transactions downloaded automatically for bank reconciliation.

Caulene Henderson shared a brand new feature, now available in Vantagepoint, for forecasting revenue.  This new revenue forecast tool provides key revenue related information all within a single location.  Brent Johnson demonstrated enhancements within the screen designer that will definitely excite administrators within Vantagepoint using organizations and also shared a new interface improvement, on which we are working, to making editing data everywhere within Vantagepoint easier and more intuitive than ever.

Vantagepoint Revenue Forecasting 

The dashboarding functionality received a significant amount of air coverage as well from both Ellen Keeley and Akhila Velayudhan.  Ellen shared how the project base was being expanded to include project planning related metrics and how a new project detail base was being added to provide the ability to drill down into all the important details around project performance.  Akhila shared how future releases will provide more flexibility by providing the capability directly to end users to build and modify their dashboards.  In addition, Akhila demonstrated new dashboard filtering functionality along with expanded capabilities to drill down into the details behind a broad range of summary values.


And finally, Dawn Gajewski shared a massive amount of highlights and excitement around the focus on project managers and project management related functionality.  Dawn shared improvements to the interactivity of the Gantt chart, plans for future support for task dependencies and a new feature on which we are currently working that will use machine learning to predict project success.  Dawn also shared details of a new component currently being worked on that will introduce a Kanban board into project planning and task management.  With this new feature, employees will be able to manage the tasks for which they’ve been planned in project planning in a Kanban style view that will feed back into the project plan keeping project managers informed on the status of tasks.  Everything Dawn shared represented an emphasis on empowering project managers.

Vantagepoint Kanban 

As you can see, the Vantagepoint team kicked off the conference by sharing a massive amount of highlights and excitement on all that is going on in the Vantagepoint world today, tomorrow and into the future.

The great news for you, is that you can still access the conference platform and experience content related to all of these highlights.  The virtual conference content will remain available through the end of 2020 – another advantage of being together, virtually.  You can still experience breakout sessions that cover everything from what’s new in various areas of the solution like CRM, finance and project management to a demonstration of the massively expanded email integration Vantagepoint Connect.  There are dozens of sessions now available on-demand with sub-tracks for business development, project management, accounting and finance as well as administrators. Through all of this content, you can learn what is going on with Vantagepoint today, best practices to get more from your Vantagepoint solution and what the roadmap looks like for the future. Accessing the conference platform is quick and easy – simply visit www.deltekinsight.com to learn more. Be sure to check out the content and share it with your colleagues so they can experience the excitement of Vantagepoint.

Finally, ensure that no matter what you do, you stay connected with Deltek Project Nation.  Through our quarterly town hall webinars, this blog and Project Nation blogs you can continue the conversation we started at Insight perpetually.  In addition, you can always email your Vantagepoint related questions to us directly.  Be sure and leverage these resources to stay informed on everything that’s going on in the Vantagepoint world.

As mentioned, Insight 2020 was different, on many levels, than any other previous Insight conference.  A massive pivot to a virtual event was a necessity.  However, while a big change, the conference still delivered on our mission to connect with, educate and excite the Deltek customer base.  In fact, the virtual format may have enabled us to deliver on this mission better than ever.  We will continue to leverage the virtual medium to keep us connected, together, virtually.

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