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Construction specifications are a necessary component for every building project and AEC firms rely on Deltek for the best building materials specification content and software to create project specs. Deltek is the exclusive developer and distributor of MasterSpec®, a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA,) and is the leading product research and specification content resource for the AEC industry. Couple MasterSpec with Deltek’s suite of specification software solutions and you have the perfect combination to efficiently develop accurate specs to deliver your building projects on time and in budget. This blog provides MasterSpec and Deltek Specification Solutions product updates as well as industry insight from the product experts for project success. Welcome to the conversation.

Whats New in MasterSpec

MasterSpec First Update 2020

The Deltek team is pleased to announce the first MasterSpec release of the year which contains 54 Sections, including 11 full technical updates, 6 new Sections, and selective revisions to technical topics across the MasterSpec library. Sustainability updates are also included. This product update is evidence of our commitment to continually improving your experience using AIA MasterSpec as your trusted resource for building product information and developing construction specifications.

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Integrating Specifications and BIM - A Closer Look

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could integrate your product specifications and produce project manuals that are in sync with your BIM model? e-SPECS for Revit® by Deltek is a software solution that allows you to link, sync and integrate Revit with your construction specifications and automates the creation of your project manuals.

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Take the Risk out of Maintaining Your Office Masters - Use a Master Guide Specification Resource

With so many stressors in play when designing and constructing a building, why would anyone knowingly use out-of-date building product information when specifying a construction project?

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Gain Specs Perspective in 2020 with Deltek Construction Specifications

Welcome to the Deltek Specification Solutions product blog where we share information and spark ideas to address trending topics in the world of construction specifications.

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