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Construction specifications are a necessary component for every building project and AEC firms rely on Deltek for the best building materials specification content and software to create project specs. Deltek is the exclusive developer and distributor of MasterSpec®, a product of The American Institute of Architects (AIA,) and is the leading product research and specification content resource for the AEC industry. Couple MasterSpec with Deltek’s suite of specification software solutions and you have the perfect combination to efficiently develop accurate specs to deliver your building projects on time and in budget. This blog provides MasterSpec and Deltek Specification Solutions product updates as well as industry insight from the product experts for project success. Welcome to the conversation.

Third Quarter 2020 Specs Content Updates

The third quarter of 2020 delivered numerous spec content updates to Deltek customers who are licensed for: MasterSpec, SpecText and Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS). Don't miss out on implementing these important updates for your building projects.

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2020 Deltek Insight on Demand

Deltek Virtual Insight 2020 - Post Event Sessions Available

Did you miss attending Virtual Insight 2020, Deltek’s annual customer conference? No worries. Even though the conference has concluded, you can still take advantage of watching the sessions on-demand at your convenience through December 31, 2020.

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Deltek Product Blogs

Expanded e-SPECS Training and Workshops Available

Due to numerous requests for more training on specific topics Deltek is pleased to be able to expand the training available for e-SPECS software. Check out the upcoming training opportunities as well as what is currently available.

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Deltek Specs Customers: Why You Need to Attend Insight

Each year Deltek delivers an amazing customer event known as Insight. This year’s customer conference is offered as a FREE virtual event that will bring thousands of project-focused companies together for diverse learning opportunities at both the product and professional level, plus a networking opportunity like no other.

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Deltek Costpoint Blogs

e-SPECS Version 12.1 Product Highlights and What’s Coming

e-SPECS version 12.1 was deployed to customers June 10th and the following are highlights of this product update release and what’s coming in the next release version 13.0.

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Writing Specifications - Easy as Driving a Car

Having the right tools and resources can make anyone a good spec writer. Just as there are a variety of car makes and models to choose from, the same is true for spec editing and authoring tools. Having the right vehicle (tool) to get you to your desired destination is key to spec writing success.

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What's New in MasterSpec

MasterSpec Second Update 2020

The Deltek team is pleased to announce the MasterSpec® Q2 2020 update is available for download and installation. This update is evidence of our commitment to guide your projects with industry leading quality content. We encourage you to take advantage of the updates this release offers.

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Deltek Product Blogs

MasterSpec® and Beyond!

For most architects, the phrase "Guide Specifications" typically results in an association with MasterSpec®. However, Deltek Specification Solutions offers additional guide specifications and services to assist customers beyond MasterSpec, leveraging both automation and integration through our e-SPECS software solution.

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Specification Solutions Product Updates - Quarter 1 of 2020

The Deltek Specification Solutions Team continually works to improve the user experience through product update releases. Product updates is evidence of our commitment to provide what our customers need to further automate the design and construction specification process to help your firm deliver successful building projects.

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Working Online

Construction Specifications and Working Remote

When it comes to the Specification Solutions that Deltek offers, it’s important to leverage these ‘spec tools’ to the utmost, especially during this time where our teammates are dispersed and collaboration on projects can be challenging. Let’s take a look at how Deltek’s Specification Solutions, SpecBuilder Cloud and MasterSpec can help your remote staff keep projects moving forward.

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