Deltek Spec Solutions Customers Get a Sneak Peek at the Next Generation Specification Solution in the Q2 Town Hall

Posted by Denise McDaniel on August 6, 2021

SpecSolutions Q2 Town Hall

Specification Solutions leaders kicked off the Q2 Town Hall giving customers a sneak peek into the next generation specification solution that will revolutionize the way specifications are written as well as discussed recent enhancements to current specification products. Read more in the recap below to get a glimpse into what's next for Specification Solutions users and see details of recent specification solution content updates and release highlights.

The Next Generation of Specification Solutions is Coming in September

During this town hall, Deltek customers got a first-hand look at the future of Deltek’s specification solutions that will be released later this year. Specification Solution leaders shared how this will change the way specifications are delivered and will lead to a paradigm shift in the industry of architecture. Architects, specification writers and building product manufacturers will be empowered to efficiently write construction specifications and intelligently select the right building products to deliver successful products.

If you missed this quarter’s town hall, you can learn more about the next generation specification solution at Deltek Insight, September 14-15. You can explore the session catalog and register today – you don’t want to miss out!

MasterSpec® Update

Deltek leaders also provided an update on the latest content release for AIA MasterSpec®. In it, the Library now houses 968 sections, with updates to 106 sections, 4 new sections, and 2 discontinued.

In Engineering, the following were rewritten:

  • 210533 Heat Tracing for Fire-Suppression Piping
  • 220533 Heat Tracing for Plumbing Piping
  • 230533 Heat Tracing for HVAC Piping 
  • 231126 Facility Liquefied-Petroleum Gas Piping 
  • 260526 Grounding and Bonding for Electrical Systems 
  • 270526 Grounding and Bonding for Communications Systems 
  • 270543 Underground Ducts and Raceways for Communications Systems
  • 281300 Access Control Software and Database Management 

In Engineering, the following were added:

  • 270010 Supplemental Requirements for Communications
  • 281000 Access Control
  • 281400 Access Control System Hardware
  • 284800 Emergency Response Systems

The following sections have been retired:

  • 061053 Miscellaneous Rough Carpentry
  • 061063 Exterior Rough Carpentry

Plans for the remainder of the year include architectural updates to sections for toilet partitions, metal wall panels, roofing, tiling as well as introducing in Q3 061715 – Engineered Structural Wood. From sustainability, LEED v4.1 and other topics will be inserted in Full Length, Short Form and Evaluations throughout library. Mechanical Engineering anticipates updates to Controls Sections and Piping Sections and beginning to broaden scope/narrow scope restructure of selected Div. 21, 22, and 23 Sections. Electrical Engineering will have updates to better coordinate Div. 26 & 27 conductors and cabling sections

SpecText Update

The Specification Solutions team also shared highlights of recent updates to SpecText with most updates focused on infrastructure products. Attendees also learned that 26 of 836 sections have undergone specification coordination for compliance with MasterFormat® numbering and titling guidance. Section 235100 Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks was updated in the following areas: related sections, submittal language, and manufacturers for the six products specified. The latest update also introduced Division 40 Process interconnections as 400531.16 HDPE Process Piping.

Lastly, attendees were reminded that quarterly updates will be provided no later than the last day of the quarter. As of June 30, users have access to download these updates.

Upcoming e-SPECS v13.1 Release Highlights

In the latest enhancement release, users have access to the Publishing | Export Manager, allowing users to export large project manuals with better speed regardless of internet connectivity. Users can also take advantage of updated header and footer alignments and numbering structures when exporting, avoiding unnecessary rework offline to realign document structures. Lastly, users can take advantage of the Enhanced Double-Sided Printing Accuracy, improving the specification package and minimizing rework after export.

In Workspace | Section Checklist enhancements, users will see updates to the software, fixing issues users previously had when applying options to multiple checklist items, auto save conflict and the right-click crash errors. These fixed conflicts will provide easier use of the platform, saving users time and allowing a better experience in the solution.

Lastly, attendees learned about steps to enhance the UFGS | Import, Export Manager. With imported insertions/deletions from .sec file present in workspace, users can now include special characters and symbols to allow better transfer of data and maintain content conversion accuracy. The export more accurately handles formatting of subparts, references and special characters/symbols. These enhancements continue to drive toward better data and conversion accuracy.

Deltek Learning Zone (DLZ)

Deltek Specification Solutions subscriptions now include DLZ access! Each customer has their own system provisioned by Deltek University and the point of contact for the company will receive an introduction email. DLZ, our learning management system, enrolls each company by main point of contact where training progress is tracked and measured. Currently available to Specification Solutions are reference guides, videos, infographics, and new e-SPECS content including Project and Designer learning videos, and more! If you have questions, contact Deltek University.

Deltek Advocate Program

As a Deltek Customer, you have solved real-world business challenges with Deltek products - do you know someone else who has similar business challenges? Tell us about them through our Deltek Advocate Program and earn up to $15,000! If they buy our product, you get paid. For more information, fill out our easy-to-use form to refer a company and start earning!

Deltek Virtual Insight 2021

We’re excited to host users once again virtually for our user conference, Deltek Insight, this September 14-15! Users joining the virtual conference will get a first-hand unveiling of the new home of AIA MasterSpec® and Deltek’s next generation specification solution. Join us to learn about the product roadmap, hear from your peers who participated in the Early Adopter Program and see firsthand how this new software is a game changer for the A&E industry. Last year, we welcomed more than 11,000 attendees, and we look forward to hosting you for sessions dedicated to specification solutions.

By attending this live event, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with product experts in real-time during sessions or informal meet ups with industry peers. With the option of a limited-access pass or an all-access pass, you can attend based on what works for you! Learn more and register today.


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