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Posted by Denise McDaniel on April 28, 2021

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The Deltek Specification Solutions team has released updates for two of our key building product resources: MasterSpec and SpecText.

What’s New in MasterSpec Q1 2021 Update (published March 2021)

Along with Section-specific sustainability language updated for all LEED v4.1 BD+C and ID+C rating systems across Divisions 03 and 04, this first release of the year contains 65 Sections, including full technical updates and selective revisions to technical topics across the MasterSpec library.

New to the MasterSpec library as of Q1 are the following Sections in Divisions 28 and 33: 

  • 2800100 Supplemental Requirements for Electronic Safety and Security
  • 281511 Integrated Credential Readers and Entry Management 
  • 281513 Access Control Credentials 
  • 281515 Electrified Locking Devices and Accessories 
  • 281517 Egress Management Devices 
  • 281519 Access Control Remote Devices 
  • 281521 Telephone Entry Systems 
  • 281523 Intercom Entry Systems 
  • 281525 Electronic Key Management Systems 
  • 281527 Access Control Electronic Turnstiles and Mobility Systems 
  • 331415 Site Water Distribution Piping 

Noteworthy in this release is the technical revision of Section 119814 Detention Door Hardware to include added product types for full mortise hinges, institutional mortise locksets, and institutional electromechanical mortise locksets. This Section specifies hardware items essential to the operation and control of hollow-metal-, bar-grille-, and steel-plate-type swinging and sliding detention doors.  

In addition, the following Sections have been withdrawn from the MasterSpec library as of Q1: 211100, 211116, 221113 (content moved to new Section 331415 Site Water Distribution Piping), and 275123.31 (content moved to Section 281523 Intercom Entry Systems). 

The MasterSpec Q1 2021 Update is available to all licensed MasterSpec and MasterSpec for e-SPECS customers. If you need assistance accessing the Q1 update, please email the Deltek Customer Success Team at: for assistance.

SpecText Q2 2021 Update (published April 2021)

If you’re firm manages infrastructure, civil, water, or wastewater projects, then you need SpecText in your toolbox. SpecText is the most comprehensive specifications library for infrastructure projects and offers a straightforward approach to writing technically correct, reliable specifications for your projects.

The SpecText Q2 2021 Update is available to licensed SpecText customers for download from the Updates & Downloads section of the Deltek website.

Along with 25 Sections that have undergone specification coordination for compliance with MasterFormat® 2020 numbering and titling guidance, this release includes an important new addition to Division 40 of the SpecText library, 4004531.13 HDPE Process Piping, and an update to existing Section 235100 Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks, including related sections, submittal language, and manufacturers for the six products specified.

  • 4004531.13 HDPE Process Piping: New Section specifies high-density polyethylene (HDPE)process piping used for distributing and transmitting potable and non-potable water, gray water, reclaimed water, wastewater force main and gravity municipal and domestic sewage, industrial process liquids, effluents, and slurries in both pressure and nonpressure systems. This Section is common to more than one Section in this division.
  • 235100 Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks: Section specifies breechings, chimneys, and stacks used for venting flue gases from fuel-fired, heat-generating appliances and equipment. Section also specifies vents and induced-draft fans.

Please visit the User Resources section of the Deltek website to find SpecText supporting documents, tables of contents, and standards organizations.

The Deltek team is also pleased to announce the SpecText for e-SPECS Q2 2021 Update is available. Please contact your Deltek Customer Success Manager (CSM) for the appropriate download link. If the specific CSM contact is not known, please email for assistance.

As a reminder, SpecText is a copyrighted product of Deltek and requires a current license to continue use, even if you are using any SpecText content within your Project Specifications or office masters.


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