MasterSpec Second Update 2020

Posted by Denise McDaniel on June 29, 2020

What's New in MasterSpec

Deltek is pleased to release the MasterSpec® Q2 2020 update to all licensed MasterSpec customers. This second release of the year contains 65 Sections, including 16 full technical updates, 2 new Sections, and selective revisions to technical topics across the MasterSpec library.

New to the MasterSpec Library

  • Mechanical Section 220593 Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing for Plumbing addresses testing, adjusting, and balancing of domestic water systems and equipment, including balancing devices, domestic water booster pumps, domestic water recirculation pumps, domestic water heaters, sanitary sewage pumps, storm drainage pumps, air compressors, and vacuum pumps.
  • Another addition to MasterSpec, 099301 Staining and Transparent Finishing (MPI Standards), specifies surface preparation and application of stains and transparent finish systems on exterior and interior wood substrates in accordance with MPI standards. Its counterpart, 099300 Stain and Transparent Finishing, offers the non-MPI alternative, specifying surface preparation and application of wood stains, including solid-color stains, and transparent finishes on exterior and interior substrates. It allows specification of stains and transparent coatings by either nonproprietary description or proprietary names rather than by referencing standards, such as MPI standards, or by performance requirements.

Noteworthy in this release are the following technical updates to existing Sections:

The Historic Preservation library, along with minor updates to several other Sections in the library including:

  • 024296 Historic Removal and Dismantling: Technical revisions have been made throughout this Section, which specifies historic treatment procedures for removal and dismantling work for designated historic spaces, areas, rooms, and surfaces to protect historic surfaces and materials from damage that might otherwise occur if typical demolition or selective demolition procedures were followed.
  • 050374 Historic Decorative Metal Replication: Section includes updated stainless steel finishes for pipe and tubing, and sheet and plate. Section specifies replication and installation of historic decorative metal items and whole assemblies.
  • 060312 Historic Wood Repair: Section Text has been updated to comply with AWMAC/WI's North American Architectural Woodwork Standards in lieu of AWI/AWMAC/WI's Architectural Woodwork Standards.

Technical updates have been made across the library, including the following:

  • 034900 Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (GFRC): Section includes revised air content in GFRC mixes to align with PCI MNL 130-2009. "Mockups," "Warranty," and "Field Quality-Control" articles have been added to the Section Text.
  • 220963 Medical Gas Alarms (formerly, 226400 Medical Gas Alarms): Section received a title change for compliance with MasterFormat® 2018 numbering and titling guidance.

In addition, with this release, updates continue to Division 26 for coordination of all Sections with 260010 Supplemental Requirements for Electrical (added to the MasterSpec library in Q1 2020).

MasterSpec Sections continue to receive technical revisions based on subscriber feedback. Please continue to use the link at the top of each MasterSpec Section to submit feedback or questions related to MasterSpec content.

Please visit the User Resources section of our website to find MasterSpec Supporting Documents, Tables of Contents, and Standards Organizations.

For questions about downloading files from our website or running the installations for MasterSpec, please reach out to our support team by visiting You may reference knowledge article 100050 or open a support ticket and a Customer Care Analyst will assist you. If your license has expired, please contact us to renew your license.


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