Take the Risk out of Maintaining Your Office Masters - Use a Master Guide Specification Resource

Posted by Denise McDaniel on January 7, 2020


Risk… It’s a word that makes us feel uneasy, maybe scared. In the AEC industry, risk is not something taken lightly as there could be life and death implications if the building structure is not built to design specifications. Liability for construction defects usually falls on either the architect/engineer, or the contractor and subcontractors. So with so many stressors in play when designing and constructing a building, why would anyone knowingly use out-of-date building product information when specifying a construction project? That’s a business risk where you are putting your professional license and your firm’s reputation at risk.

As I reflect on conversations I’ve had with AEC professionals at industry events, the one reoccurring thing I heard was the number of A/E firms and independent consultants who are trying to maintain their own office masters without subscribing to a master guide specification resource. Why would one do that? They also admitted they’re office master specs are likely out-of-date in terms of standards, LEED, and sustainability, but the most cited reason A/E firms and independent consultants don’t subscribe to a master guide specification resource is to save money. Although individuals stated they felt they were saving $5-10k per year, they fail to factor in the huge cost in doing unnecessary manual building product research and updates required to spec building projects. Add to this the potential cost of being involved in a construction-defect litigation case which typically involve large numbers of parties, attorneys, insurance companies and experts; which add up to a lot of time and money. Now that’s scary.

Let’s be honest…No one person or small group could ever continuously gather and maintain the amount of industry information and building product research it takes to keep pace with master guide construction specification resources, such as AIA MasterSpec®, who has made it their mission to provide the most up-to-date and accurate building product information for the past 50 years. And, wouldn’t you rather put your efforts towards revenue generating activities such as bidding and pursuing new project opportunities instead of product research? We applaud your efforts to maintain your office masters without the aid of subscribing to an industry spec content resource, such as AIA MasterSpec, but in addition to the time it takes to do the research and apply the updates to your office masters, any manual updates inevitably introduces errors and omissions, which will increase your time and costs. There is a more sensible option to ensure you have the most accurate specs to save you valuable time, money and reduce your firm’s risk… Commit to continually investing in an industry trusted and peer committee reviewed specification resource like AIA MasterSpec®.

Since 1969, the AEC community has relied on MasterSpec – the most trusted and comprehensive building specification system in the industry. Deltek is proud to be a strategic partner of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the exclusive distributor and developer of MasterSpec. The AIA and Deltek partnership provides unmatched solutions and services to architects, engineers, contractors, owners and product manufacturers helping further elevate the AECO industry. So as you contemplate how you are going keep your projects on schedule and in budget, consider the value of investing in AIA MasterSpec, the premier master guide specification solution used by the majority of your peers. Then you will be able to devote more time and effort toward pursuing new projects to help grow your firm’s bottom line. One new client will easily cover the costs of your annual subscription to MasterSpec and you will sleep easier knowing you are sourcing the most trusted and widely used master specification resource in the AEC industry. 


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About the Author

Denise McDaniel is an experienced professional with a passion for helping AEC firms know more about their business and do more for their clients. As a Sr. Product Marketing Specialist, she leads the Deltek Specifications Solutions product positioning and messaging by providing key insights, benchmarks, and trends to A&E firms. Her experience working in both the software technology sector and for a general contractor/construction management firm brings a unique perspective to the Deltek Specifications product line.



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