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Deltek PIM provides strategic companywide and project information management so your firm can access key information in one central location. Deltek PIM helps your firm streamline information management and mitigate risk so you can get back to doing what you love – delivering exceptional projects. This blog provides Deltek PIM product updates as well as tips and tricks from the product experts so you can get more value out of your system. Come join the conversation.

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Get More Out of Deltek PIM with an Optimization Workshop

You invested in Deltek PIM to help run your business. But as time goes on and the climate changes, it could be time to revisit how your business is using the system. Now ensure you are getting the most out of your investment is through a PIM Optimization Workshop.

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Quarterly Town Hall Recap (Part 2): Modern Browsers, Technical Requirements and More

From major movements towards cross-browser functionality to some required updates of your internal systems, Deltek PIM is striving to provide a better user experience while maintaining maximum performance, functionality and security.

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Make Better Business Decisions through Deltek PIM Reporting and Charting

You’ve gathered an impressive amount of data in your Deltek PIM system. What now? The power of reporting and charting on your system’s data helps your teams examine that data, identifying inefficiencies and learning from mistakes and successes alike. Let’s explore the reporting and charting functionality that comes as standard with PIM.

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Upgrade Your On-Premise Deltek PIM Solution on Your Own Timeframe

The Deltek PIM upgrade process – for customers hosting the solution on their corporate servers – can be complex and risky, not to mention costly. However, we have introduced a new self-upgrade tool to help your teams perform the upgrades internally, saving you time and money. Here’s how it works.

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2020 Deltek Insight on Demand

Deltek Insight was Virtually Amazing! Did You See All Deltek PIM Had to Offer?

Don’t let the Fear of Missing Out (#FOMO) bring you down. If you missed attending Deltek’s annual Virtual Insight 2020 conference live, you can still watch all sessions on demand. With 16 Deltek PIM sessions available on demand, there are plenty of opportunities to learn how your teams can work smarter, not harder.

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Deltek PIM Customers: Top Five Reasons to Attend Deltek’s Virtual Insight User Conference

As a Deltek customer, you get the unique opportunity to attend our annual user conference. This year, it’s gone virtual so everyone at your business can attend and benefit. This event is packed with information to help you maximize how your employees use our products to help your company thrive at its full potential. Learn best practices from your industry peers and dive deep into PIM’s functionality with our in-house experts. You’ll “walk away” from this event energized and ready to take your business to the next level.

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Quarterly Town Hall Recap: Latest Release Highlights and Behind-the-Scenes Improvements

The latest release of Deltek PIM is here and it is one of our biggest releases yet. Learn more about the new features and functionalities, along with how the engineering team is working diligently behind the scenes to improve the user experience.

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How Are We Improving the Quality of Deltek PIM to Support Your Business?

Deltek announced that in 2020, we are doubling down on software quality. Learn how the engineering team is improving the quality of Deltek Project Information Management (Deltek PIM) to better support AEC industry businesses.

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