Enhance Collaboration among Remote Teams

Posted by Linda Dininger on April 28, 2020

Working Online

With project teams working remote, it’s imperative that companies use the right tools to keep teams connected and projects moving forward – regardless of the team’s physical location. With Deltek Collaboration integrated with Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), internal and external teams can come together in a single system to share information, solve issues and develop/finalize documents more quickly – all while maintaining complete document control.

Connect Teams 

Teams are collaborating with clients, designers and construction companies across the country and the globe. Teams need to be diligent in maintaining relationships with key stakeholders while maintaining the expected level of professionalism along the way. Deltek Collaboration software brings teams together to quickly discuss topics, track decisions and keep team members accountable. Enhance your team’s connectivity with the ability to effortlessly incorporate new team members, tag other colleagues, send notifications and participate in conversations from anywhere.

Increase Productivity

With Deltek Collaboration, teams can filter views of important items, share files and provide instant feedback to move projects forward without wasting time searching for emails or locating files. Bring your people and information together into a single dynamic workplace to ensure that team members have what they need to be more efficient and drive greater productivity.

Deltek Collaboration

Coordinate Project Deliverables

Projects require numerous files and deliverables. Managing documentation can be a challenge and managing the risk associated with project delivery is no easy feat. With Deltek Collaboration and Deltek PIM, the larger project team can collaborate more effectively by holding conversations in the same place the documents reside, providing transparency to the whole team and minimizing the number of emails in your inbox. Those same conversations also can be preserved on a version-by-version basis so teams can reference historical information and decisions for context. 

Deltek Collaboration

Maintain Document Control

Knowing which projects to work on, what tasks need completed and when projects are due, teams need to be able to work together seamlessly and feel confident that they are all working from the same version of the truth. The power of Deltek Collaboration is its capability to exchange information with the larger team – in a controlled way. Other external document sharing platforms don’t synchronize with Deltek PIM, which means there is no version control, no document control and no chain of custody control. Deltek Collaboration is an extension of your one place of truth (Deltek PIM) and provides increased efficiency and less administrative work to move documents back and forth. Ensure that your teams have access to the latest and greatest information to keep their projects on schedule and within budget.

Deltek Collaboration with Deltek Project Information Management

When teams are able to work together more efficiently, they can solve problems more quickly and deliver better projects. 


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