Fall in Love with Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) ... Again

Posted by Linda Dininger on February 14, 2020

Fall in Love with Deltek

For many readers of this blog, your organization has invested in Deltek Project Information Management (PIM). Some companies saw the full value of Deltek PIM – from email and document management and more – while other firms wanted to capitalize solely on its email management functionality. Either way, your business will only see the true return on investment (ROI) of Deltek PIM if its employees use the system as intended.

So let’s take a look at what Deltek PIM can do for your company and highlight some of the ROIs along the way ... all in an effort to fall in love (again) with Deltek PIM.

Email Management

Did you know that one of the biggest time vacuums is email?  According to McKinsey, the average worker spends an estimated 28% of the workweek managing email.  Think about that for a second.  If you work an 8 to 5 job with an hour for lunch, it’s almost 11 am before you start tackling anything else.

What’s even more astounding is that 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017, according The Radicati Group. That equates to 120 emails per day per employee.  And that stat will only continue to grow in the near future.

Email management goes beyond the concept of taking the time to sift through countless emails in your growing inbox. Effective email management involves capturing and organizing emails – in a single location instead of in individual inboxes – so that all team members have greater visibility into their projects.

Have you ever forgotten to copy someone on an email on any given project-related communication? Or have you hired a new team member in the middle of a project and needed to get them up to speed quickly so your project doesn’t experience any delays?

Since all emails are captured in a single location for the entire project team to access within Deltek PIM, team members now have access to the information they need to better collaborate, make better decisions more quickly and perform tasks accurately and efficiently.

Better yet, have you ever needed to find that “golden nugget” or that “$1 million email” that could save your company from a major lawsuit? Your company now has instant access to emails that could protect against potential risks and disputes.

What’s the ROI?

While we have a few stories we could share, let’s focus on this one from our friends at CDG Engineers and Associates.

Life before PIM: When they needed to find an email to/from a person who no longer worked there, they would submit a help desk request to get access to that person’s email, download the emails, and then – through Outlook’s limited search ability – search through the enormous number of emails housed in that former employee’s inbox all in an effort to find the correct message. This process could take a half day – or even a full day – from the time they submitted that request till the time they actually found that email.

Life after PIM: Now with Deltek PIM, all emails are published within the system providing quick access to anyone in the organization who might need it in the future. So even though that person no longer works there, others can find that crucial email in less than a minute, typically.

Talk about a huge time saver. Imagine the lost productivity in the span of 4 to 8 hours because your attention is on tracking down a single email. Wouldn’t you rather spend that valuable time instead providing real value to your clients? Providing billable hours to your company? Doing what you are most passionate about – designing amazing projects.


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Document Management

It’s no secret that architecture and engineering (A&E) firms generate a lot of documentation.  From conceptual design drawings through as-builts, companies are exchanging a vast amount of information. But is your document management effective?

Think about how your company previously (or currently) organized project files. More than likely, there were project folders noting project number and name. Under there may have been pre-determined subfolders for contracts, drawings, requests for information, change orders, specifications and much more. Now think about how you might find a document. You would likely navigate to where you think the file should be stored. But what if another employee thought his way of filing documents was better than the corporate way, so he saved a document in the incorrect location? Or what if the same document is unknowingly stored in two locations? How do you know you’re referencing the latest version?

A true document management system can help alleviate these issues. With Deltek PIM, all documents are stored in a central location and they’re indexed so that you can find them in a matter of seconds. And once you do find a document, you can be confident that it’s the latest version because only one copy of any given document is stored in Deltek PIM.

Now let’s take the document management concept one step further. It’s not just about storing documents; it’s about streamlining and truly managing those documents. Deltek PIM can help drive workflows, ensuring those version-managed documents are always in the right place at the right time. From moving a contract through the various stages for executive signatures to the review and approval process of drawings ... Deltek PIM can help automate the process.

What’s the ROI?

Elevation Architecture is a 25-person architectural firm who implemented Deltek PIM three years ago. They performed an analysis where they estimated that before PIM, employees were spending an average of

  • 10 minutes per day searching for files
  • 10 minutes per day searching for emails
  • 10 minutes per day filing emails
  • 1 hour per project setting up transmittals
  • 5 minutes per drawing, filing and updating drawings
  • 15 minutes per issue, issuing drawings

In doing the math, that equated to 4,302 hours per year across the entire company. At an average charge out rate of $158/hour and an average utilization rate of 75%, their annual return on investment was $509,787. That’s an increased production revenue of $28,321 per team member!

Outside of the company’s dollar value of its ROI, think about the extra 4,302 hours its employees were able to focus on designing projects. Think about the increased quality they were able to deliver to their clients.


It’s obvious that an effective email and document management solution can save employees an incredible amount of time, freeing up their schedules to spend more time focused on what they sought out to do – design amazing projects. So what are you waiting for? Fall in love with Deltek PIM again.


About the Author

Linda Dininger spent over 20 years creating marketing content for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms and earned her Certified Professional Service Marketer (CPSM) credentials through the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) in 2006, validating her expertise in AEC marketing and business development. She also is a former Deltek Vision user and has implemented a CRM solution that transformed the way the business development group managed their contacts and pipeline. Now in product marketing for Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), Linda combines her knowledge of the AEC industry with the power that proactive information management can provide companies. Connect with Linda on LinkedIn.



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