Summary of Latest Features Available in Deltek PIM

Posted by Linda Dininger on December 13, 2019

Improving Technology

The latest Deltek PIM Town Hall was filled to the brim of goodies that are included in the latest 19.2 version, as well as hints into what’s in store for the future.

Launch of Email Smart Publishing

Based on user feedback, harvesting the original email upon reply is massively important. Therefore, you now have the ability to publish both emails (the original and your reply) at the same time instead of having to return to your inbox to publish the original separately. This feature is available immediately in the latest version of Deltek PIM. This feature also incorporates an updated user interface to match the next phase of email smart publishing.

What is this, you ask? Email smart publishing will simplify the process of publishing emails and thus increasing user adoption. For example, the Deltek PIM Outlook plugin will evaluate the content of an email’s subject line or conversation thread and then make weighted suggestions of where to publish it (i.e., project record).

If you missed the demonstrations of this new feature, be sure to check out the Q4Town Hall webinar here. This feature is currently available for early adopters, but expect to see its availability to everyone in early 2020.

The Graphical Reporting Challenge

We all know that Deltek PIM is great at storing your data. But recently, we have been evaluating how we can give you better access to your data, particularly in a graphical way so it is easier to consume and interpreted by the people in your business.

In this latest release, we have incorporated the new technology framework called SQL Server Reporting Solution (SSRS for short) by Microsoft. It is a more user-friendly way of creating and delivering a variety of dynamic, interactive and printed reports. This allows for more flexibility in your reporting, scalability in the sheer amount of data in the system and is easier to use so you can get the data you need.

The first phase of this SSRS reporting journey is available now within the performance dashboard for defect management (through the Mobile Working add-on), which features a visual summary of a project’s punch list items. This provides a quick way for a project manager to view the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of a given project. Simple statistics like the open/close status of defects, breakdown by organizations. It’s a strong supplement to traditional reporting to view and understand where a projects stands.

Deltek PIM, Defect Management Performance Charts

With this summary in hand, you can identify project weaknesses, improve defect resolution processes and identify patterns taking place on the project site. In the end, this can help your company closeout projects more quickly while increasing the quality of output.

We will continue to incorporate this new SSRS technology into other areas of PIM, with design deliverables being next on the list.

Deltek PIM Knowledge Center

This is a great resource available to all of your users to learn more about the product. You’re able to search for topics similar to the way you search for items in Google search. You’re also able to narrow those results through filtering by file type. This Knowledge Center incorporates machine learning, so that as more people use the tool, the better search results.

Join the Discussion in Deltek Communities

With over 33,000 active community users, there is a wealth of information that can be shared among the Deltek user base worldwide. It’s also linked to the Knowledge Center, so you can find the answers you need quickly.

Added bonus? We’ve recently implemented a ranking and reward system for participating—so join the fun to grab a little swag.

Additional v19.2 Release Highlights

Self-Upgrade Tools

Soon, you won’t have to engage with customer care to update to the latest version of Deltek PIM. We are working on a step-by-step tool that will walk you through the upgrade process. Our own internal teams have begun using the new tool to ensure that it will work smoothly for you.

Contract Management

We have completed moving this module to the enhanced user interface. While you won’t see much yet from a visual perspective, a lot of behind-the-scenes work has taken place to improve performance.

Deltek Collaboration 3.1

We enhanced the account administration piece, allowing for increased member and space management, user settings, and account reports.


Deltek Collaboration

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Linda Dininger spent over 20 years creating marketing content for architecture, engineering and construction firms. She also is a former Deltek Vision user and has implemented a CRM solution that transformed the way the business development group managed their contacts and pipeline. Now in product marketing for Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), Linda combines her knowledge of the AEC industry with the power that proactive information management can provide companies. Connect with Linda on LinkedIn.



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