Are You Taking Full Advantage of Mobile Technology?

Posted by Linda Dininger on November 12, 2019

Deltek PIM Mobile Technology

It’s no secret that society has experienced a major shift in the last 5 to 10 years. Technology’s involvement in our lives has grown exponentially and to the point that many of us wouldn’t be able to fully function without it. We make plans with friends over text message. We wear watches to keep track of our lives. We shout out to Alexa to play music and to place orders on Amazon. We ask Siri for driving directions.

In the recent Deltek Clarity study, we asked companies how important each of the below technology trends were to their business. It’s apparent that the AEC industry is behind in keeping up with these technology trends.

Deltek Clarity, Technology

Owners may not expect their AEC partners to be technology advanced yet, but they will soon. As the older generations begin to retire and the younger generations – who grew up on technology – begin to step into leadership roles, the role of technology within the AEC industry is bound to expand.

But the key to implementing new technology is making sure it will truly help solve a problem vs. implementing it simply because it’s new technology. So the bigger question your company should ask is: what’s the real problem and how can technology help us solve it?


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How Effective Is Your Field Data Collection Process?

Whether you provide construction administration services or any kind of specialty services, how are you currently capturing field data?

Perhaps you’re walking a site, completing required paper forms. Maybe you’re taking photos with your phone or digital camera and jotting down notes along the way. Then when you return to the office, you are spending time scanning your forms, downloading those images, transcribing your notes and creating some sort of report. Meanwhile, other project team members are waiting on your data so they can continue moving the project forward.

Is There A Better Way?

What if you could eliminate the unnecessary administration burden and create a paperless system that keeps you entire team informed of the project’s latest information – in real time? What if you could take pictures, record site observations, create punch lists, complete safety checklists – and more – directly from your mobile device, automatically syncing that information to the project record so the next person can take action based off current data?

The good news is: you can with Deltek PIM’s mobile functionality.

Deltek PIM Mobile Technology Benefits

Gain Insight from the Defect Management Performance Dashboard

Now that you are using technology to input data, you have the data to feed into powerful Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts.

For example, the below screenshot showcases our new KPI charting dashboard – viewable via web browser – for project defects or punch list items – items entered by your remote teams through their mobile devices while on the project site. This graphical illustration provides a quick, at-a-glance view into how many items are open and closed, how many items are overdue and what type of defects are included in the punch list items.

Deltek PIM, Defect Management Performance Charts

With this summary in hand, you can identify project weaknesses, improve defect resolution processes and identify patterns taking place on the project site. In the end, this can help your company closeout projects more quickly while increasing the quality of output.


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Linda Dininger spent over 20 years creating marketing content for architecture, engineering and construction firms. She also is a former Deltek Vision user and has implemented a CRM solution that transformed the way the business development group managed their contacts and pipeline. Now in product marketing for Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), Linda combines her knowledge of the AEC industry with the power that proactive information management can provide companies. Connect with Linda on LinkedIn.


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