Why Email Management Should Be So Important

Posted by Linda Dininger on October 30, 2019

Email Management

Did you know that one of the biggest time vacuums is email? Think about how much time you spend reading through, responding, organizing and filing emails. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

According to McKinsey, the average worker spends 28% of their workweek simply managing their emails. What does 28% look like?  Say their work hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with an hour for lunch.  It’s not until almost 11:00 a.m. before they turn their attention from emails and move on to something more productive (i.e., billable tasks).

Why Should I Care?

Email management goes beyond the concept of taking the time to sift through countless emails in your growing inbox. Effective email management involves capturing and organizing emails in a single location so that all team members have greater visibility into their projects.

Think about when a client or vendor claims that John Doe promised that your company would do XYZ. How would you go about finding out if that claim was accurate? It’s likely you would call John to ask. But what if he is on vacation for the week or has left the company? Now you’ll spend time searching through network folders, hoping to find some clue. Or you will reach out to his superior or to others on his team – all in an effort to verify the truth.

What if you could find that information in only a few minutes? When proper email management activities are implemented, there is one source of truth. One place to go not just to SEARCH for, but to FIND that email quickly.

That’s Great; But Sounds Like a Tedious Process

We live in a digital world. Every day, we witness digital transformation that improve our daily lives. We wear watches to help keep track of our lives. We shout out commands to Alexa to place orders from Amazon.

Likewise, the email management functionality of Deltek PIM is undergoing some exciting technological advancements. One example is its capability to evaluate the content of an email’s subject line or the conversation thread to determine if that email has been saved previously. If it hasn’t, the Microsoft Outlook plugin will ask if you would like to publish it now. Otherwise, it recognizes that the email already exists in the system and won’t save a duplicate copy.

Another example on the horizon is email smart publishing. Evaluating the same content, the Outlook plugin will not only ask you if you want to publish the email, but also suggest places of where to publish it (such as a project).

By continuing to push the boundaries of intuitive technologies, the time necessary to invest in email management will continue to drop.

Deltek PIM's Email Management

My Interest is Piqued. What Else?

Have you ever forgotten to copy someone on an email that included critical information about a project or task? Or have you hired a new team member in the middle of a project and needed to get them up to speed quickly so your project doesn’t experience any delays?

Since all emails are captured in a single location for the entire project team to access, team members now have access to the information they need to better collaborate, make better decisions more quickly and perform their tasks accurately and efficiently.

What Does My Company Get Out of Email Management?

Outside of employees spending more time on billable work and producing higher quality projects? Your company now has instant access to emails that could protect against potential risks and disputes.

Have you ever needed to find that “golden nugget” or that “$1 million email” that could save your company from a major lawsuit? With Deltek PIM, you can find that critical email in a matter of minutes instead of searching for hours or days.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Still not convinced that formal email management is worth the effort?

Elevation Architecture is a 25-person firm and a long-time user of Deltek PIM. Specifically as it relates to their email management practices, they identified that– within only one year – each user saved approximately 7.5 minutes per day filing and searching for emails for a total of 31 hours per year per employee. After completing some additional math, that time savings equated to over $83,000/year to Elevation Architecture’s bottom line.


Deltek PIM's email management saves Elevation Architecture employees 31 hours per year, allowing them to focus on billable tasks to move projects forward.



With an extra 31 hours per year now available, how many more tasks can your employees perform to help contribute to your bottom line?

It’s time for a change. Now is the time to take control of the email chaos and empower your employees to spend less time managing emails and more time managing their projects.



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About the Author

Linda Dininger spent over 20 years creating marketing content for architecture, engineering and construction firms. She also is a former Deltek Vision user and has implemented a CRM solution that transformed the way the business development group managed their contacts and pipeline. Now in product marketing for Deltek Project Information Management (PIM), Linda combines her knowledge of the AEC industry with the power that proactive information management can provide companies. Connect with Linda on LinkedIn.


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