A Day in the Life of an Architect

Posted by Linda Dininger on July 15, 2019

Deltek PIM Architect Working

Have you ever attended a symphony orchestra performance? It’s mesmerizing to watch the conductor orchestrate a hundred individuals, who together create a beautiful melody. As the conductor, he must know the songs better than anyone so that he can interpret the sheet music and direct the performance in a way that deeply touches the soul of the audience. Each musician has a part to play, but the conductor must guide them to work together in harmony. Ahead of the performance, he mentors each musical group to offer direction and set expectations. During the show, he sets the tempo for each song. At times, he is gently guiding the musicians along at a soothing pace. Other times, he is more animated to bring more emphasis and power to the song’s climax. At the end of the day, the audience is left with a deep satisfaction. They may not have understood every technical detail that went into creating such a masterful concert, but the end result was magnificent and awe inspiring.

In many ways, a building project is like an orchestra and the architect is the conductor. The owner has a vision, but it’s up to the architect to interpret that vision and coordinate the entire design team (from MEP engineers to site engineers to interior designers) to create the masterpiece the owner is anticipating.

How can Deltek PIM have a part in helping the architect become a great conductor? Let’s take a walk through a day in the life of an architect named Frank.

Find the Rhythm: Email Management

Frank begins his day like many other architects; he reads his emails. Frank launches Microsoft Outlook to review new incoming messages, quickly filing them through the PIM plugin.

Frank then decides to dive take a peek into other conversations he might have missed since he was last in the office. Relying on Outlook’s PIM plugin to provide a list of recently sent/received emails, Frank searches for conversations related to his projects to gain better visibility into the current issues that may need addressed.

Ensure the Team Harmonizing: Personal Dashboards

Now it’s time to review the status of each of his projects. Frank launches his web browser to log into Deltek PIM. His personalized dashboard displays information about only the projects in which he is involved. At a quick glance, this dashboard alerts him to items across all of his assigned projects that need his attention and new drawings or submittals that need his review.

PIM Personal Dashpart

Keep the Tempo: Workflows

Once Frank has determined what requires attention first, he can dive into the project record which will provide the background information necessary to make key decisions and to keep the project moving forward.

Navigating first to the Construction Management dashpart, Frank reviews the status of all project submittals and RFIs, ensuring that everything is up to date. If something is overdue, Frank can double check that Deltek PIM is alerting the appropriate individuals so his project does not suffer delays.

Deltek PIM Document Lifecycle Manager

Navigate the Unexpected Crescendos

Now that he has a good overview of the day’s workload, Frank steps away from his desk to refill his cup of coffee. When he returns, he finds a Post-It note on his chair stating he should call Emma Smith as soon as possible. But who is Emma Smith?

A quick PIM search reveals that Emma Smith is the project engineer for XYZ Engineering Company, along with the list of projects she is associated. Clicking through to the most recent project, Frank searches for associated documents and discovers a report about a rare breed of bat onsite that now dictates extra work and conservation efforts to protect the species.

Before reaching for the phone to return Emma’s call, Frank decides to spend a couple minutes exploring if any other of his company’s projects has dealt with protecting rare bats. The simple search term “bats” in Deltek PIM reveals that Frank’s colleague, Matthew, dealt with a similar issue on another project just three years ago. Frank sifts through the list of search results to discover that Matthew already had commissioned reports and offered recommendations.

In a matter of five minutes, Frank is equipped for a meaningful and productive conversation with Emma and is able to offer previous work as a starting point in tackling the bat issue on this project, saving loads of research and administrative time.

Create Your Own Musical Subpart: Document Templates

After his conversation with Emma, Frank formally documents their discussion, recommendations and next steps by first selecting the desired corporate template within Deltek PIM. Generally controlled by marketing, the templates ensure branding integrity and consistency through the use of current corporate logos, fonts, and layout. Save even more time when the templates include key merge fields that will automatically populate the recipient’s name and address and subject matter (i.e., project name).

Deltek PIM Document Template

Finally, the document is automatically saved within PIM for future reference.

Synchronize with Your Field Teams: Mobile Working

After the client issue is resolved, Frank refocuses on his projects by zeroing in on construction administration. He particularly likes PIM’s mobile functionality which enables his field teams to stay connected to the project, saving travel and general administration time. He is able to view new field reports, punch lists, images, and general inspections that are fed into Deltek PIM directly from the field in real time.

Deltek PIM Mobile Working

Guide the Pace and Protect the Music’s Integrity

Next, Frank reviews the latest contractor comments received on shop drawings and submittal information, noting that some require slightly altering the design.  He must ensure that the entire construction team is on the same page. By viewing the history of sent transmittals, Frank verifies that the latest drawings have been sent to the appropriate parties, as well as who has viewed/downloaded them. This level of information protects Frank and his company from potential deniability and liability risks.

Finalize Notes of a Masterpiece

Because Deltek PIM integrates seamlessly with the company’s financial ERP system, Frank is able to monitor client and vendor invoices. In a few clicks, he can verify that all parties have been paid to ensure his projects continue to move forward on schedule.

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