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Posted by Linda Dininger on June 24, 2019

Deltek Product Release Information

Managing project information is a vital part of your business and will continue to be a vital part of the solutions we invest in to meet your ever-changing needs. As such, we have included the following feature enhancements in the latest release update.

Upgraded Document Approval Process

We have incorporated extensive updates to the document approval process to enable you to ensure your projects stay on schedule. By implementing this in our cross-browser technology, we were able to improve the look and feel of the page, as well as implement a more advanced approvals logic for the document/drawing review process. This will simplify the approvals set up process and will ensure that the approvals process does not get stuck at any stage.

PIM Document Approval Process

Enhanced Retention Tools

Further protect your company with Deltek PIM, which enables you to schedule the removal of documents automatically. Once your corporate parameters have been set within Deltek PIM, there is nothing else for you to do. We will ensure your protocols are followed so you can mitigate your risk.

Improved Mobile Reporting

Our mobile offering is unlike any other. By redeveloping the reporting framework, we overhauled how the defect management data can be provided to you in a more flexible way. In addition, various report images are hyperlinked to the full resolution version so that you can quickly zoom in on pictures to view all of the details more clearly.

We also performed extensive rework on the backend code, which will result in the average user seeing approximately 40+% increase in speed during a full sync of your data.

Deltek PIM Mobile Working

Introducing Deltek Collaboration

We are excited to announce Deltek Collaboration is coming soon to help your teams collaborate more efficiently and effectively around project information. Eliminate paper comments or markups and long email threads with online collaboration so teams can instantly share content and feedback in a collaboration space increasing your company’s efficiency and productivity. 

  • Collaborate in a single space so teams know where to go for the latest information on a project.
  • Improve coordination, obtain necessary feedback and move projects forward
  • Make better decisions, faster to keep projects on track
  • Quickly find the most current file while preserving previous comments and versions

Deltek Collaboration with PIM

How do I get the latest release? Schedule your upgrade.

Please note that the new features will be enabled once the upgrade is complete. This update and an upgrade to the core PIM product should be requested through the Deltek Support Center, your account manager or your consultant.

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