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Posted by Linda Dininger on May 13, 2019

Deltek Product Release Information

We understand that running a business is a challenge. Finding ways to maximize your effort to free your time is crucial to your bottom line. We at Deltek are committed to continually improving our products to help you be more successful and save time. We made a few enhancements to Deltek PIM that will do just that.

Better Efficiency in Document Property Editor

The latest release incorporates several new features and enhancements to help streamline document administration. For example, users now can modify the properties of multiple documents simultaneously, allowing you more time to focus your efforts elsewhere. Often times, project teams task a project engineer or administrative staff to make tedious (yet important) property changes to multiple documents. Those team members now can make those changes faster, freeing up their time to tackle their growing to-do list.

Document Property Editor

Greater Transparency in Drawing Management

New Drawing Lifecycle Management (DLM) Dashpart

Are you involved in multiple projects simultaneously, attempting to balance your time and focus most effectively? Deltek PIM now provides a complete view of all your design deliverables in a single location. Imagine examining all of your deadlines, outstanding issues, and action items across all of your projects—in one place. This new DLM dashpart feature is designed to help you prioritize how to most effectively spend your time on any given day ensuring that each project gets the attention it deserves to keep them on schedule and on budget.

Drawing Lifecycle Management

Markup Feature Improvement

Have you ever been frustrated in the manual task of opening each drawing separately to see if there are any markups noted? Now you can save time and quickly identify which drawings (if any) have any markups using the new “markup” header/column in the DLM dashpart. This prominent placement offers a quick glance of where you need to focus your attention to keep your projects moving forward.

What’s more is that all markups are now indexed, making them easily searchable by your entire project team.

Markup Identification

How do I get the latest release? Schedule your upgrade.

Please note that the new features will be enabled once the upgrade is complete. This update and an upgrade to the core PIM product should be requested through the Deltek Support Center, your account manager or your consultant.

If you are on the cloud, these features are available immediately.

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