What's New in Deltek PIM Mobile Working?

Posted by Nick Nieder on March 7, 2019

Deltek Product Release Information

With a recent update to Deltek PIM Mobile Working, I’m sure you are wondering what’s new and exciting about this release and the answer is quite a bit. The latest release focused on improved user access management, global searching and enhancements to the custom form builder.

Improved User Access Management

Companies now have much more flexibility to manage mobile users, giving you the power to control who has access to Mobile Working and report on usage of the Mobile Working application. Administrators can determine who needs to have access to the complete Deltek PIM solution, who needs access to both Deltek PIM and Mobile Working and who needs access to Mobile Working only. The user access improvements also allows more role-based functional access and security, which can help improve your user’s experience, improve data integrity and make it easier to capture the right information on Mobile Working. More details around this can be found in the release notes.

Deltek PIM Mobile Home Screen

Custom Form Builder Enhancements

The custom form builder empowers users to build their own forms and use controls to drive getting their own content captured electronically. With the custom form builder, you can how leverage global reporting to report on all forms across the business and not just at the project level. You can also now secure different categories of forms so you can split your forms into the appropriate categories and provide access to the teams that need them on site.

Deltek Project Information Management Mobile Working Custom Forms

Enhanced Reporting and Exports

Mobile Working is very good at collecting information and pushing into the core PIM solution, but users want to extract more information from the solution. We’ve extended the existing web queries that were mostly project-centric to a more global reporting capability so you can search, extract and report across multiple projects.

The Custom Form Builder allows you to create your own digital forms and eliminating unnecessary piles of paper. Contact us today to learn more about how Custom Form Builder can help you streamline your project site paperwork. 

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