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Maconomy...Let's Have a Conversation!

Have you always wanted to chat with another user directly within Maconomy? Did you know you could now converse with other Maconomy users directly within the application? In our most recent release (2.4.5), Maconomy introduces all-new conversation functionality. This capability allows users from various departments to “chat” within the application regarding a specific record. Currently, this option is available for the Invoice Allocation workflow.

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Deltek Product Release Information

Sneak Peek at Maconomy 2.5

Our latest release, coming just in time for Deltek Insight and the UK Customer Day, provides many “behind the scenes” improvements to Maconomy.  Maconomy’s upcoming release brings you more power, more visibility into your data and more connectivity with enhancements across all three of our interfaces – Workspace client, iAccess and Touch.

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Empower Project Managers with Maconomy iAccess - Part 2

In this blog post, we'll focus on the new iAccess workspaces providing invoicing functionality for project managers. Invoicing workspaces includes: Draft Invoices, Invoices, WIP Invoice, Invoice on Account and Customer Invoicing.

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Simple and Savvy: The New Way to Budget Projects in Maconomy iAccess

Budgeting has gotten better in Maconomy. Yes, that’s right with the recent release of Maconomy 2.4.4 we’ve included a slew of new workspaces in iAccess geared for enabling project managers. The new Job Budgeting Workspace provides a simpler way for project managers to budget projects.

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What's New in Maconomy 2.4.4?

Maconomy 2.4.4 focuses on bringing more functionality into the intuitive web-browser interface, iAccess. We’ve focused this release on taking functionality already in Maconomy’s Workspace client and bringing it to iAccess for easier accessibility for our clients.

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Welcome to the Deltek Maconomy Blog

Introduction and launch of the Deltek Maconomy product blog. Find key information around Maconomy product releases, Town Hall events and more.

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