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Posted by Kimberly Sack on June 8, 2020

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Gartner research indicates that companies need to shift from external hiring strategies towards training their current workforces and applying risk mitigation strategies for critical talent shortages. In today’s uncertain economic time, talent shortages spring from many situations. Professional services firms struggle with the shift to dispersed workforces, but also face other common human resource challenges including a lack of qualified candidates, rising employee turnover, employee disengagement, time consuming data entry and managing data in disparate systems.

Deltek solutions support the entire project life cycle to enable clients to address these issues. With the Maconomy HR Add-On module coupled with core Maconomy, human resource departments can utilise the all-in-one solution including:  

  • Time & Expenses readily available for reporting
  • Absence planning, management and approvals
  • Project plans and availability of employees
  • HR record of employees
  • Calculation of employee compensation

A holistic view provides employees, supervisors and human resource managers the information and tools they need at their fingertips.

Empower Employees with Self-Service Options

Now more than ever, employees need intuitive tools available at their fingertips to perform daily functions. Employees want a simplified experience – instant access to information in the fewest number of clicks, via a mobile device. With Maconomy’s iAccess web interface, employees can self-serve with instant access to:

  • Enter time and expenses via iAccess or the mobile app, Touch
  • Submit absence requests and view allowance status and a summary of available vs. booked time
  • View an employee card with important contact information including parental status, education and qualifications, skills and more
  • Keep information accurate by updating emergency contact and address information

Maconomy HR employee card

Easily view information and update address and emergency contacts

Maconomy HR absence management

Quickly submit an absence entry and view allowance status 

Streamline People Management

For Human Resource Managers, it is critical that they can connect information, centralise employee information and simplify reporting.

  • Centralise employee information within the Maconomy employee record to reduce manual efforts and streamline reporting with one master record of employee data
  • Empower managers to better manage leave and workforce scheduling with a calendar view of team availability
  • Streamline the approval process with instant notifications of absence submittals and one screen to manage all approvals
  • Manage employee skills to enable more effective resource management and project planning
  • Calculate and manage employee compensation by recording employee costs at a detailed level using employee costing
  • Specify the total cost rate for time, overhead rates and base salary rates in the employee card
  • Mask employee data for a former employee
  • Easily report on employee information for more informed decision making

Maconomy HR Power Launch Report

HR Managers can report on key employee metrics through a Maconomy Power Launch report

Get a Complete Human Capital Management Solution

Deltek offers a complete Human Capital Management solution that integrates with the Maconomy solution. Deltek Talent Management helps you improve the quality of new hires, increase employee engagement and maintain compliance, all while giving you complete visibility into the state of your workforce. Acquire, develop and retain the high performers that help you successfully deliver even more value on your projects.

Additionally, Maconomy’s open Restful API allows for easy integration to other HR management solutions.

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