Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Maconomy

Posted by Kimberly Sack on April 28, 2020

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Maconomy 2.5 unveiled many enhancements including a focus on improvements to iAccess, the web-browser interface.  (Get a refresh on iAccess capabilities - here) Maconomy 2.5 focused on bringing even more capabilities to front office workers like project managers, supervisors/managers, employees and account managers.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Maconomy 2.5:

1. New Functionality in iAccess

As with our other releases, we’ve continued bringing functionality into iAccess including:

The Project Quotes Workspace - create, revise and submit project quotes directly in iAccess. Increase accuracy by creating a quote directly from the budget and easily review and manage quote revisions or print draft quotes.

Maconomy iAccess project quotes workspace

Collections Workspace - this brings the standard credit control functionality into iAccess. Empower project managers to quickly and easily follow up on outstanding invoices, create and manage collection event flows, or remind users with notifications of cash collection activities.

Maconomy iAccess collections workspace with instant chat

Supervisor Time Sheet Overview - provide managers a quick snapshot of employees’ time sheet status, color-coded for easy visualization.  View details and email employees with outstanding time sheets a reminder, in one-click.

Maconomy iAccess supervisor time sheet overview

2. iAccess Usability Improvements

Make it easier for end users to use iAccess workspaces through:

New notification for time sheet not created - If a time sheet end date passes, automate a notification to employees to increase time sheet compliance.

Maconomy iAccess Notification time sheet not created

Document archives in invoice editing - provide clients additional details by attaching one or multiple documents to an invoice. Search and view linked documents in multiple workspaces including - invoice editing, draft invoices, invoice history, collections and approval center.

Maconomy iAccess Document Archives in Invoice Editing

BPM Reports Embedded in Workspaces - gain instant access to BPM reports directly within the iAccess workspace - no more links needed! Improve user experience with better searching within individual workspaces and sub-menus.

Maconomy BPM Reports embedded in iAccess

View environment label in iAccess - reduce confusion with clear visibility of environment with labels of production, test, training or other.  Customize text, foreground and background color and share the label within the workspace client for consistency.

View Environment Label in Maconomy iAccess

3. High Charts Library for Extensions

The High Charts bar chart, pie chart and line chart are now available to embed select within iAccess for visualizing data from iAccess cards, tables and filters.  This supports both standard and custom fields and is the foundation for dashboards coming in Maconomy 2.5.1.

Maconomy high charts

4. Instant Chat Functionality

Introduced in Maconomy 2.4.5 in the Vendor Invoice Allocation workspace, we’ve extended the conversation or “instant chat” capabilities in Maconomy 2.5 to include in the Collections workspace. Use instant chat to keep your mobile and dispersed teams more connected. Start a conversation regarding collections and reduce back and forth emails, saving your team time!  Read more about “instant chat” here.

5. Approval Hierarchy Enhancements

The most recent release also included many approval enhancements. Read the ‘Automate Approval Workflows with Maconomy 2.5’ blog post to learn all about approvals.

Learn More

For more information, contact your Deltek Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss upgrading Maconomy and the best upgrade path for your company. 


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