Automate Approval Workflows with Maconomy 2.5

Posted by Kimberly Sack on March 13, 2020

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Maconomy 2.5 released in November 2019, brought even more enhancements to the powerful approval workflow engine. Maconomy’s extensive approval hierarchy framework provides a set of rules to determine who can approve expense sheets, purchase orders, vendor invoices and other entries. Maconomy’s approval hierarchy and access control are tightly interconnected to provide you the confidence and control you need to securely manage business operations. Super users or system administrators manage approvals in one central place - the Approval Setup Workspace.

With Maconomy 2.5, you can now manage:

  • Project quote approvals
  • General journal approvals
  • The restriction of self-approvals for approval workflows
  • Segmentation of zero dollar invoices
  • Change on Change for approvals

Project Quote Approval

More easily manage the workflow surrounding project quotes. Approve on the project quote header, and specify any modifications at the line-level, when needed. Setup the approval workflow options similar to the project quote budget approvals.

maconomy project quote approvals

The project quote approval is available in Maconomy’s web browser interface, iAccess

General Journal Approval Hierarchy

With Maconomy 2.5, you now have increased flexibility and control of general journal approval workflows. To tighten control, manage if users can submit and approve general journal, specify exceptions and limit submissions at the company level.

For example, when posting a line to a Vendor or Customer account (“P” or “R” entry), a specific user typically owns the Journal, but individual lines in the Journal may affect different groups in the organization. Additionally, users can access general journals in multiple companies, but you can only provide the user access to submit general journals in one of the companies. 

maconomy general journal approvals

Restrict Self-Approvals

Previously, in Maconomy, a submitter could self-approve submissions based on the approval rules setup. In certain instances, self-approvals provide autonomy to a project or finance manager. However, by reducing the overall control, it could also increase risks. To provide clients with greater control and oversight, Maconomy 2.5 provides a new self-approval restriction option.

For example, if the submitter is also the designated approver based on the setup rules, the system will look to the substitute or super approver on the rule instead of the submitter or derived-approver. If the submitter also happens to be the super approver or substitute approver, the system will also not allow the submitter to approve under those circumstances either.

Through the Maconomy approval hierarchy, it is possible to specify the default setting to never allow self-approvals when creating new approval hierarchy lines as well.

Zero-Dollar Invoice Approval Workflow

Previously, zero-dollar invoices were required to go through the same approval as your standard invoices. This provides unnecessary work for project managers who are already overworked. Additionally, if invoices take a long time for approvals, it can cause potential delays in revenue recognition.  In Maconomy 2.5, a new system parameter provides the ability to specify a separate workflow for zero-dollar invoices. This frees up the time of project managers and enables the finance team to approve them in a timelier manner.

maconomy zero dollar invoice approval

 “Invoice Editing Required with Approval Hierarchies” - is the new system parameter name.

Change on Change for Approvals

To further save your teams time, Maconomy 2.5 provides a new option to automate ‘Change on Change’ for approvals. Specify on a field-level for a record - if ‘x’ field is changed, then also change ‘y’ to a certain value.  For example, if on a new customer the Parent Customer equals "Trifolium Corporation", then make the Account Manager "Sean Williams".  This option is available on customer, employee, vendor, user and project records.

Maconomy change on change approvals

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