Managing Complex Data Requirements? Maconomy Has the Answer!

Posted by Chris Challenor on January 23, 2020

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Import Management is critical at the beginning of a Maconomy implementation project, where a client is setting up a new Maconomy system and wants to move large amounts of data from one or more legacy systems to Maconomy (including employee, customer, vendor, project, and other historical data, and so forth).

However, this is also hugely important for organizations with longer term implementation plans, for example ongoing rolling out of Maconomy overall several years, to new geographies or different parts of the business, or likewise a new entity due to a Company Merger or Acquisition. Furthermore, data imports are also useful on a much more operational and day-to-day basis. For example, to create monthly journals, or as a lightweight form of integration to another system. Regardless of your use of imports within Maconomy, previously, data was imported through MConfig, or dialog-by-dialog.  Both of these solutions were aimed at different types of Users and technical expertise, had unique capabilities, but also presented several challenges:

Maconomy mConfig and import dialogs

In Maconomy 2.4.5 and 2.5, we have introduced an all-new concept of Data Import Package Management.  This functionality is fully accessible and controlled from a single Workspace within the Maconomy Workspace Client:

  • Great User Experience – Utilizing well known Maconomy Workspace concepts to centralize the management of import requirements in one location.
  • Security by Design – Fully supporting native Maconomy Role Based Access Control Configuration
  • Improved Performance – With the execution of imports reduced by up to 50% and the new pre-validation mode allowing for resources to save even more time on failed import runs.
  • Powered by The Maconomy Business Automation Framework – Imports & Validation can be scheduled for off peak times, run in the background and in parallel if required, and all notifications sent via E-mail Alerts to relevant persons.
  • Ensures Complete Traceability – Tracking precisely who did what and when at a macro and micro level, and providing useful end-to-end insight into activity logs.

Maconomy Data Import Management Workspace

Manage all data imports in one place - Maconomy Data Import Packages Workspace 

The new Maconomy functionality introduces the concept of Data Import Packages. This enables a User, or group of Users working in collaboration, to specify which files to include in a package, the structure and content, and to transfer the numerous import components at once if they so wish. 

Additionally, validation of the entire package or its individual elements, can be run prior to import, in order to flag and correct any errors prior to running the actual upload. Packages can also be saved in different formats for use across different environments in a given release management exercise, or as templates for future utilization. Finally, audit and report on imports and environment locations in a full Maconomy eco-system from within the Extender providing a full cross-environment comparison.

increase control with maconomy data import packages

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