Customer Spotlight: Callista Enterprise AB

Paperless into a digital future

Every day the team at Callista Enterprise AB helps our customers onto the path of digital transformation. It wasn’t long before we too realized that we needed to make some major changes internally for our own digital transformation. Ultimately, we replaced three different internal systems with a single solution and have even been able to throw all papers and folders into the bin once and for all!

We began with a goal to implement an ERP system that could accommodate the following requirements:

  • Implementation as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the cloud without on premise installations
  • Reduction of the number of system integrations
  • Independent of a specified operating system
  • All documents to be processed electronically

After quite a bit of research into possible solutions, we chose Deltek Maconomy.

Deltek Maconomy Essentials is a SaaS solution powered through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The back-office application, however, does require a locally installed client, which is set up using Eclipse RCP. Although our initial requirement was for a cloud-only solution, we experienced so many additional benefits by using Maconomy that the original requirement of a cloud-only solution quickly became irrelevant overall. Furthermore, Deltek continues to focus on product development, which means new features and functions will become available via the web interface in 2020.

How does our system work?

With Maconomy, we now have a very simple process to log our time, expenses and travel costs via the web, plus we can upload all receipts electronically as a PDF or JPEG file. As soon as these line items are approved according to our workflow, the project invoices are generated within the system and ready to send to clients. At the end of each month, these invoices can then go out with the click of a button. A particularly useful feature is batch billing, where monthly invoices are created for client work completed in the previous month. The invoices are customized and sent via Pagero either as swef-bill or PDF digital. All invoices are saved together with the corresponding contracts within the system. The contracts are all signed electronically, although we do use a different system to do this.

Deltek Maconomy also has a mobile app that allows us to capture time and expense on the go from our mobile phones. (screenshots below)

Incoming supplier invoices are scanned with Readsoft and land in the system for further processing. Payments are sent to the bank in the form of LB files. Every month, all data is transferred electronically into our financial system.

We have been working with our new Maconomy solution for the last six months and  have found the following benefits:

  • Saved a lot of time,
  • Given more users faster access to critical information, and
  • Enabled employees to be geographically independent.

And this is what our back office looks like now. :-)

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