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Project Management Maturity -The Secret Weapon to Generating New Business Header Image

The Secret Weapon to Generating New Business

Discover why Earned Value Management (EVM) is the “secret” to generating new business for government contractors.

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The Latest Trends in Project Management Header Image

The Latest Trends in Project Management

Take a closer look at some of the key findings in project management as uncovered by the 8th Annual GovCon Clarity Industry Study.

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Why Project Risk Management Fails Header Image

Why Project Risk Management Fails

Project risk management can fail for many reasons – faulty assumptions, overlooked events, bias (conscious and subconscious) or a poor schedule foundation.Read on to explore the top reasons for failure and provided tips on how to get it right.

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Looking Beyond Scope, Schedule and Budget Header Image

Looking Beyond Scope, Schedule and Budget

When it comes to project management, there is no one way to define success. For many, it is an on-time, on-budget finish. But what if it didn’t meet customer expectations? What if the project was late but exceeded stake holder expectations? Read on to see what defines project success and techniques businesses can employ to develop their own definition.

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Accelerate Slipped Schedule PPM

Handy Tips for Accelerating a Slipped Schedule

One day of delay can mean thousands of dollars lost for major capital expenditure projects. While there are dozens of reasons for projects to be delayed, the root causes can be summarized into these three categories: organizational silos, process differences and multiple technologies.

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Risk Message PPM

9 Thoughts on Delivering the Risk Message

You’ve gone to a lot of effort to analyze project risk and determine the best way to respond to it. Now, how do you best sell your findings to the powers that be? Read on to find out…

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PPM Cost Risk Analysis

The Basics Behind Cost Risk Analysis

If you’re familiar with schedule risk analysis, you’re already well on your way to understanding the basics behind cost risk analysis.  Read on to learn about the similarities (and differences) between the two, and for helpful guidance on how to perform an effective cost risk analysis on your next project. 

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DOD_The Business Case for PPM

Making the Business Case for PPM

Every project manager can probably relate - the project starts off great, fresh from kick-off the team is optimistic and the path to success is clear.  But soon problems arise and before you know it, you are headed for a late project delivery.  For the DoD, that can mean the delay of urgent capabilities to the warfighter.  For a contractor, it can impact your profitability and reputation…

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Agile EVM Intersection

The Intersection of Agile and EVM

For project and portfolio managers there can be tremendous value in implementing Agile and Earned Value Management (EVM) together. However, to implement them together successfully, there are differences between the two that must be considered for closer alignment.

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PMP_Risk Management

Tips for Mitigating Schedule Risk

So you’ve run a schedule risk analysis on your project…now what?  All of your work so far has been leading up to one very important decision – how to mitigate those risks.  Read on to learn some helpful tips and tricks related to schedule risk mitigation.

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