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PPM Cost Risk Analysis

The Basics Behind Cost Risk Analysis

If you’re familiar with schedule risk analysis, you’re already well on your way to understanding the basics behind cost risk analysis.  Read on to learn about the similarities (and differences) between the two, and for helpful guidance on how to perform an effective cost risk analysis on your next project. 

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DOD_The Business Case for PPM

Making the Business Case for PPM

Every project manager can probably relate - the project starts off great, fresh from kick-off the team is optimistic and the path to success is clear.  But soon problems arise and before you know it, you are headed for a late project delivery.  For the DoD, that can mean the delay of urgent capabilities to the warfighter.  For a contractor, it can impact your profitability and reputation…

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Agile EVM Intersection

The Intersection of Agile and EVM

For project and portfolio managers there can be tremendous value in implementing Agile and Earned Value Management (EVM) together. However, to implement them together successfully, there are differences between the two that must be considered for closer alignment.

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PMP_Risk Management

Tips for Mitigating Schedule Risk

So you’ve run a schedule risk analysis on your project…now what?  All of your work so far has been leading up to one very important decision – how to mitigate those risks.  Read on to learn some helpful tips and tricks related to schedule risk mitigation.

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Project Management Office PMO

5 Signs You Need to Reinvent Your PMO

PMOs are no strangers to the complexities involved in ensuring that projects being delivered are of the highest quality. Unfortunately, lessons learned are often lost when it comes time to start new projects. When that happens project teams are left having to recreate the wheel.  If this is happening at your organization – it may be time to stop and reevaluate your PMO.

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Agency Whiteboard Writing

5 Habits for Achieving Highly Effective Projects

Best-in-class project organizations start with specific end goals in mind and leverage Project and Portfolio Management solutions to enable successful projects. Dean Edmundson, EVP of Business Development at Loadspring, the world’s leader in project application hosting, discusses 5 best practices for successfully achieving highly effective projects.

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PMP Project Risk Analysis

Why it's Imperative to Prepare for Project Risk Analysis

What ingredients do you need before you dive into project risk analysis? In this blog post, we outline some of the basics that a project plan must cover and the characteristics the plan must have if it’s going to be useful for project risk analysis.

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Trends in Project & Portfolio Management

2017 Trends in Project and Portfolio Management

Looking at the overall project management ecosystem, we’re sharing five of the most important concepts that are trending in 2017.

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The 4 Pillars of Integrated Program Management Header Image

The 4 Pillars of Integrated Program Management

What exactly makes up integrated program management (IPM) and how should project teams go about implementing it at their respective organizations? In today’s post, we’re tackling just that – highlighting the four main pillars of IPM and what makes each so important.

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The Top 10 Acronyms Every Project Manager Needs to Know

The Top 10 Acronyms Every Project Manager Needs to Know

Are you a new project management (PM) professional? Or perhaps you’ve been around the PM block, but are in need of a quick refresher course. In today’s blog post we’re covering some of the top acronyms every project manager needs to know.

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