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A2B Tracking with Costpoint Integration

Passing DCMA Government Property Audits with A2B Tracking and Costpoint

DCMA Audits ensure that government resources, including Government Furnished Property/Equipment (GFP/GFE), are being properly allocated and tracked by government contractors. Audit readiness can be accelerated by utilizing an asset tracking system integrated with an ERP tool, this ensures compliance with both Government Property Management and Accounting Systems Standards.

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Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes by Deploying a Digital Transformation Strategy

This year’s Deltek Insight Conference, being held virtually September 14th & 15th, offers more content on digital manufacturing than ever before, including presentations from both Costpoint Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Partner companies that are paving the way for digital transformation in the manufacturing marketplace.

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Government contractor manufacturing image

Is it time to Maximize your Manufacturing Shop’s Performance?

Many Project based government contractors have realized the value of integrating material planning with capacity planning in order to improve scheduling capabilities. The benefits they have seen include increased on time delivery, less expediting cost and improved visibility for all aspects of production. This visibility allows for better overall decision making in order to reduce waste and improve throughput.

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Costpoint Shop Floor Time Workers on Shop Floor

Costpoint Shop Floor Time: Automated Timekeeping with Project-Level Costs

Government Contractors have a number of compliance measures and metrics they need to both comply with and demonstrate their compliance to, using data, policies and procedures. The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) does not make it easy. Costpoint Shop Floor Time supports DCAA compliance and helps manufacturers by

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Illustration of Costpoint Manufacturing for Federal Contractors

8 Questions You Can Ask the New Manufacturing Dashboard for a Better Understanding of Your Business

Capturing data is a great first step to understanding your business. Analyzing this data is where the real value is generated, and how you analyze this data can make the difference between a reactionary or strategic decision. The new Manufacturing Dashboard in Costpoint 8 helps government contractors of all sizes gain more strategic value from their data.

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Man on production floor looking at Costpoint and RFGen data

Why Rapidly Growing Manufacturers Need Mobile Data Collection

For manufacturers suddenly confronting rapid changes or rapid growth from new business, digitizing and automating manual processes with scalable technology solutions like mobile data collection will be a must to avoid disruption.

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Shop Floor Employees

Succeed in Manufacturing Workforce Management with Costpoint Shop Floor Time

Did you know that Costpoint Shop Floor Time does much more than link labor time to parts and routing steps? It can help you with your DCAA timekeeping compliance requirements while it also collects, manages, and evaluates time and attendance across your employees and your enterprise.

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Key Financial Points in Materials Management for Government Contractors

Learn how to prioritize planning, production, cost accounting and project costing and how Deltek Costpoint helps aerospace and defense manufacturers strike a balance when integrating material management and finance.

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Six Reasons Engineer to Order Manufacturers Need an Engineer to Order ERP System

Learn how Costpoint Manufacturing software is designed to meet the unique requirements of engineer to order manufacturers.

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