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Government contractors using Costpoint Business Intelligence

The Power of Costpoint Business Intelligence

Complex and siloed data often present analytical challenges. You need analytics that are reliable enough to help you make informed business decisions, smart enough to find hidden patterns, and visually compelling enough to resonate with your stakeholders.

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Tablet view of dashboard_Similar to Costpoint Contract Managment

Why Upgrade to the Latest Version of Costpoint Business Intelligence?

This upgrade is significant, as it includes a new UI and a new security model that leverages the Costpoint security setup. Additionally, there are significant new enhancements including the ability to analyze your data with interactive dashboards, so planning for this upgrade is important.

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Executive Group: Costpoint Business Intelligence

Getting the Most Out of the New Costpoint Business Intelligence Dashboards

To achieve project success and profitability, it is imperative that project-based organizations are not limited by their dashboard capabilities. The newest version of Costpoint Business Intelligence (CER) has enhanced executive dashboards.

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Image: Group looking at Executive Dashboard

Visualize Project Data with Executive Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Are you able to visualize your data and get all the information you need about your projects? Can you capture the necessary information and answer critical business questions quickly and accurately? Costpoint’s latest business intelligence release makes creating executive dashboards more intuitive and flexible than ever before.

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Man with BI Graph Costpoint CER

New Costpoint Business Intelligence Capabilities for the Government Contractor

Government contractors rely on business intelligence to help steer the way to profitable projects and passing audits. Costpoint's newest version of CER contains many new capabilities to help power project success. 

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Costpoint Business Intelligence

Three Myths Behind Small Business Government Contractors and Business Intelligence

In a world dominated by big data, it is essential for small business government contractors to understand their data. Capitalizing on data analytics can drive an organization forward.

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Government contractors looking at data

Data Analysis for Government Contractors

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with embedded business intelligence and visualization tools helps you gain insight from your data quickly. Learn more about the two categories of data analysis that can help your teams make better decisions faster and more confidently.

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team using Costpoint business intelligence example

What to Consider When Evaluating ERP with Business Intelligence Capabilities

Costpoint Business Intelligence offers an easy way for everyone in your organization to get the real-time information they want, in the format they need. They can use built-in, role-specific dashboards, or create ad-hoc reports to monitor key performance indicators. In a few clicks, users are uncovering, testing, and validating business hypotheses.

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