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Three Ways Small Business Government Contractors Can Cut Compliance Complexity and Thrive in 2021

We all associate government with red tape, and rightfully so. There are 2,017 pages, not counting supplements, which comprise the Federal Acquisition ...

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Deltek Virtual Insight 2020

Welcome To The Neighborhood! Government Contractors Unite at Virtual Deltek Insight 2020

For the first time ever our annual user conference, Deltek Insight, will be held 100% virtually! Government contractors of all sizes and from all 50 states have signed up to attend the 14th annual event. With more than 10,000 registered attendees it is by far the biggest Insight event yet.

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Costpoint Contract Management for government contractor  is illustration of people.

8 Reasons You Need Costpoint 8 Contract Management Now More Than Ever

By listening to our customers and applying purposeful innovation, Costpoint 8’s Contract Management provides teams from Business Development and Contracts, to Planning, Projects and Procurement with an effective way to successfully deliver on government contracts and reduce risk with tighter integration, more reporting intelligence and improved efficiency.

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Illustration of Costpoint Manufacturing for Federal Contractors

8 Questions You Can Ask the New Manufacturing Dashboard for a Better Understanding of Your Business

Capturing data is a great first step to understanding your business. Analyzing this data is where the real value is generated, and how you analyze this data can make the difference between a reactionary or strategic decision. The new Manufacturing Dashboard in Costpoint 8 helps government contractors of all sizes gain more strategic value from their data.

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Eight Efficiency Boosting Capabilities You will Find in Costpoint 8

We listen to Costpoint customers and are streamlining processes, providing more integration, and eliminating data entry, among other things, to help users function in the best possible manner. Read this post to learn more about our continued commitment to improving the user experience and the resulting efficiency improvements.

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Deltek Clarity GovCon Study Illustration

Eight ways Costpoint 8 Helps Government Contractors with Challenges Revealed In the Clarity Report

Deltek’s annual Government Contracting Industry report, in addition to providing industry benchmarks, also exposes a number of challenges contractors are experiencing throughout their business. Read this blog post to discover how Costpoint 8 can help conquer many of these challenge.

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Costpoint Artificial Intelligence Image

A Sneak Peek at How Costpoint 8 Delivers More Innovation and Greater Intelligence

Costpoint 8 is nearing its launch date and we are excited to provide you with a sneak peek into how it delivers innovation and intelligence to further power your project success. Get the details in this blog post.

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People working on Costpoint Leave Pay Types

How to Set up Paid Sick Leave and Paid Family and Medical Leave In Costpoint

Learn how Costpoint helps users set up pay types and leave codes and types related to H.R 6201 in the Costpoint Human Capital Management’s People module.

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Shop floor Employee - Costpoint supports UID requirements

Costpoint's UID Generator Button and iRAPT Template

When you are delivering on government contracts, you need an ERP system that can handle unique requirements from the start. Any delays in meeting compliance requirements can bump your payment out another 30 days. Costpoint is purpose built to support companies delivering on government contracts, whether services or production related. Read this blog post to see how built-in compliance support not only cuts down on complexity, it can also accelerate the entire invoicing cycle. 

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Costpoint How To Videos

Project Accounting: Statement of Indirect Expense

Companies delivering on government contracts must know their indirect costs and their cost pools. The annual Deltek Clarity report continues to find indirect costs as one of the most scrutinized compliance metrics, year after year. Costpoint is purpose built to help you meet strict compliance metrics. This quick video helps you navigate through the information the canned Statement of Indirect Expenses report provides.

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