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Shop floor Employee - Costpoint supports UID requirements

Costpoint's UID Generator Button and iRAPT Template

When you are delivering on government contracts, you need an ERP system that can handle unique requirements from the start. Any delays in meeting compliance requirements can bump your payment out another 30 days. Costpoint is purpose built to support companies delivering on government contracts, whether services or production related. Read this blog post to see how built-in compliance support not only cuts down on complexity, it can also accelerate the entire invoicing cycle. 

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Costpoint How To Videos

Project Accounting: Statement of Indirect Expense

Companies delivering on government contracts must know their indirect costs and their cost pools. The annual Deltek Clarity report continues to find indirect costs as one of the most scrutinized compliance metrics, year after year. Costpoint is purpose built to help you meet strict compliance metrics. This quick video helps you navigate through the information the canned Statement of Indirect Expenses report provides.

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Image of an American flag in a post for government contractors

Three Things You Will Need When You Become A Government Contractor

Government contracting has made many companies successful. Here are three things known to help companies successfully deliver on their government contracts. 

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Costpoint Customers at Deltek Insight

Costpoint Customer Synergy at Deltek Insight

Costpoint customers bring questions, answers and forward thinking to make Deltek Insight informational, fun and exciting. Read on to learn about the synergy this creates and the resulting benefits.

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Man with BI Graph Costpoint CER

New Costpoint Business Intelligence Capabilities for the Government Contractor

Government contractors rely on business intelligence to help steer the way to profitable projects and passing audits. Costpoint's newest version of CER contains many new capabilities to help power project success. 

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Deltek Insight 2019

Eight Great Reasons Costpoint Users Should Attend Deltek Insight 2019

Deltek Insight 2019 is bigger and better than ever. Learn why thousands of Deltek customers and Costpoint users across the nation are joining their Deltek family in Orlando for four days of information-rich sessions designed to help them better understand and act more quickly on their data,  more efficiently meet their customers' expectations and compliance requirements, and securely integrate innovative technology to meet the demands of the future.

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Costpoint Supplier Portal Video Snippet

Costpoint Procurement Video The New Supplier Portal

Costpoint’s new supplier portal helps you reduce procurement cycle times with automation that streamlines communications with vendors and subcontractors. A quick video shows how.

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Costpoint New UI 2019

Have You Seen the Latest Updates to the New Costpoint User Interface?

Call it the New, New UI. Call it bolder, brighter and defined. Call it streamlining ERP for government contractors to the max. Discover the latest Costpoint User Interface capabilities designed to help you work more efficiently.

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Paperwork to be replaced by procurement's lean initiatives

Five Lean Initiatives for Government Contractor Procurement Teams

Top performing procurement departments focus on more than savings and spending control. They also focus on procurement processes, internal collaboration and value-add activities.

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US Capital Building

Common Contractor Purchasing System Review Deficiencies

While there are 24 elements to the contractor purchasing system review (CPSR), there were four most commonly found to be deficient in government contractors' purchasing system reviews in 2018. This post reviews the four elements and explains how Costpoint can help.

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