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Posted by Deltek on March 31, 2021

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Looking for an effective way to test more features and a way to complete these tests quicker?

Read on to learn how Deltek’s Senior Principle Quality Control Engineer, Joe Giovia, continues to make Test Runner the great tool it is today.

I joined the Deltek team several years ago to implement a client version of the Deltek Automated Testing Tool called, Test Runner. I had never used an Automated Tool Test tool.

I have been a Costpoint Consultant, Phone Support, QC Engineer and a Costpoint user with 3 different companies since 1998.

I struggled my first week to create a Test script from scratch.

After Understanding the Controls, Keywords and Parameters in the edit screen, the task became easier. These pillars are basis of connecting Test Runner tool to the Costpoint application.

After one month, and this has been consistent with new users to Deltek Test Runner, I’ve been able to write complex scripts easily, but it was time-consuming (see Test Capture below, though)

Then we added a function, which would change the way I created test scripts – Test Capture.  Game changer, a test script which used to take a day to create would now only take 15 to 30 minutes. It took me a while to grasp the concept of Automated testing.

The tool allows the user to write automated functional tests (even without any programming knowledge). Test Runner tools are available for Costpoint 7.x, 8, T&E10, B&P, Maconomy, Workbook

Benefits of using an automated testing tool:

  • Coverage - Increase user testing by adding automated tests to manual tests for monthly updates.
  • Scripting Ease - Deltek Test Capture - a record playback capability that gives the user the ability to record mouse clicks and keystroke sequences to create test scripts.
  • Reusability - Test Runner scripts are reusable, saving time in every environment you need to test.
  • Speed – Able to execute tests in much less time, running them during off-peak hours, as well as running them on VMs in the background while staff does their normal work
  • More Thorough Testing – With the ability to use the Data-Driven feature, you can run more complete data scenarios against each test case.

Costpoint Test Runner Main Screen

Comments from current Test Runner users:

  • Test Runner has allowed IT to automate the Costpoint regression test suite, reducing the testing demand on end users. 
  • Test Runner so far has helped IT validate the readiness of the Quarterly Preview Release prior to allowing the functional team to begin their user acceptance testing.  
  • We are in the process of analyzing our Testing regimen for Costpoint application to understand the scope of automation using Test Runner. We have identified our necessary control applications for various domains (Materials, Accounting, People, Project & Administration) and developed validation scripts for the same with the help of Deltek Test Runner team. It was a great collaboration effort between my company and Deltek, and now we can run the suite of scripts on demand (after a Major/Minor Patch cycle or as demanded by a project).

Costpoint Test Runner

Remember free tool, free demo’s, free support - for Test Runner. Deltek provides this tool at no cost. 

Please email Deltektestrunner@deltek.com for a demo, questions, and support issues.

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