Costpoint Time: A Comprehensive Solution Built for Government Contractors

Posted by Leslie Baran on June 8, 2020

Man laptop and smartphone for Costpoint Time

Costpoint Time makes time entry and management more efficient for government contractors of all sizes with easy access to enter time, select project type, add charge favorites and check leave balances, sign timesheets and submit corrections. Our real time, cloud based, integrated solution allows organizations to gain visibility into labor costs, project timelines and expenditures while helping to create greater efficiencies for businesses moving away from timely and manual timekeeping processes. Plus, with mobile capabilities, tracking, reporting, viewing and approving time remotely is easier than ever before.

Below we spotlight a few special capabilities of Costpoint Time you may not be aware of.  

  • Capture additional information you may want to track from employees using comment fields
    In addition to recording time and providing easy approvals, did you know Costpoint Time has the ability to track any additional information you may want or need your employees to record? In fact, information can be easily input and captured daily, weekly or monthly, and can be made to be required or not depending on your need. See how easy it is to record unique information in this short video. 
  • Use daily floor checks to help with compliance and DCAA floor checks
    Better prepare for DCAA and other audits and ensure records are up-to-date and being properly maintained with the Daily Floor Checks capability, which allows administrators to view and automatically notify users when they have not entered a timesheet for the day.

Costpoint Time Daily Floor Check Screenshot - quick report for DCAA compliance support

  • Effortlessly make and easily track timesheet corrections
    Timesheet corrections can be approved or rejected and are recorded for easy access to view as needed. Administrators can view individual timesheets or groups of timesheets. And, with the Costpoint Time mobile capabilities, these changes can be made anywhere, anytime.  

Costpoint Timesheet correction screenshot

  • Use Home Dashboard for A Consolidated View of Time Entry and Management
    With one click, access your Home Dashboard, where you can get information you need regarding your time entry and management, including updates on leave requests, status of outstanding timesheets, open tasks and more.

20Q2_Costpoint Time Home Dashboard

Costpoint Time provides greater visibility into projects, increases cost savings by better aligning people and projects, reduces time needed for manual entry and auditing processes, maximizes output of available resources, and drives more efficient processes throughout the project lifecycle. Contact us today and learn how Costpoint Time can contribute to greater efficiency and help with compliance for your organization. 

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