Costpoint Customer Synergy at Deltek Insight

Posted by Annette Grotz on November 22, 2019

Costpoint Customers at Deltek Insight

First of all thank you! The fact that you take time away from your families and companies to spend time with fellow Costpoint champions and your Deltek Costpoint teams speaks volumes.

Let’s dive into how Costpoint customers make Insight informational, fun, and exciting.


Your how-to questions were enlightening. They focused primarily on efficiency and ease. “How can I set this up to make it easy for my users?” “Why do I have to enter that data?” “Does anyone else in this session use parts catalogs?” “How can I shorten my cycle time?”  “Who else here has automated this process?”

Your questions in the sessions, at the kiosks, and around the expert tables, while specific to your business process, were telling as to how you expect and rely on Costpoint to help you and your users perform at their peak, and help your company leverage its strengths. They were helpful to those of us who heard them (and perhaps had similar questions), both in that they demonstrated a new way to look at a business process challenge, and how the expectation exists that Costpoint is there to help you conquer challenges unique to government contracting and navigate future technology needs.


Your answers to Deltek employee, Partner and fellow users’ questions could be entertaining and eye opening. You know your business. You know government contracting and you know what you need Costpoint to do to help you win from within

“Entering that data in the early stage of the project means it will be available at later stages and in other Costpoint modules so your users do not have to reenter it, cutting down the potential for data-entry errors.” “Yes, you can do that.” “We are automating everything.” “This automation allows you to monitor your business.”

We learned how the massive volumes large enterprises deal with, whether invoices, time-sheets, or reports, can be automated in a way specific to a method that a team within a certain division prefers, so they can efficiently and securely work in Costpoint the way they want to work, while reporting the results the executive teams want, and the DCAA  and other auditors require. The small and midsize companies brought automation needs and solutions to the table for the same desired output, peak performance and meeting government compliance requirements. However, it was from the view of needing to do this on a smaller scale in the capacity of a handful of employees filling numerous roles.

You made it clear that Costpoint’s flexibility in everything from setting up orgs and permissions, to approval workflows and what may or may not be visible on a screen or in a dashboard, en masse or by project, is what makes your jobs easier, your Contracting Officers and internal customers happy, and your business profitable.

Forward Thinking

There is no better time than the present to work on the future. As our keynote Sara Robb O’Hagan said, “expect more to get more.”  Both your questions and answers often required forward thinking, maybe about a process or an audit, definitely about the incoming workforce and the constant flux of requirements for doing business with the government. 

"We gave them a solution and it is more accurate than anything they have ever had before." "This could pay for itself in just the interest." "Our customers have confidence in what they are seeing."

Your desire to test Costpoint  in the usability labs and participate in focus groups demonstrates your knowledge of Deltek’s capacity to listen, and how we know our products are better because of your input.

Your attainment of Master Certifications to build the extreme you are exemplary of the dedication you have to your future and the future of your company.

Thank you!

If you were not able to get an answer to your question, or perhaps have new questions, please contact your Account Representative or Deltek Customer Care.

See you at next year's Deltek Insight!

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