New Costpoint Business Intelligence Capabilities for the Government Contractor

Posted by Annette Grotz on October 30, 2019

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Data is useful when it is accurate, up-to-date and organized. The latest release of Deltek Costpoint Business Intelligence or Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER) continues to help government contractors bring value to their data with its dashboards, and secured, real-time, down-to-the-project-level analysis.

Business intelligence for companies delivering on government contracts is not only desired, it is required. Moreover, it often requires a unique data set that many ERP systems and accounting solutions do not possess.

Costpoint’s integrated business intelligence solution, CER, continues to provide secure access to data that can be pulled into dashboards for easy access and collaboration across your business whether large or small, manufacturing or services focused, and contains reports to help you meet requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) and other types of audits.

We’ll cover three highlights of Costpoint Business Intelligence - CER 7.2.3’s ability to help you quickly and securely answer critical business questions.   

What is new in Costpoint CER _Business Intelligence

1. New Executive Dashboard includes even more structured data. Start high level, for those just needing a quick view, then drill down to satisfy your curiosity about what is behind the numbers.

Here is a sampling of what the new Costpoint executive dashboard includes:

  • Contract management data such as pipeline for a view on when opportunities may be won
  • Backlog so you can see both funded and contract backlog
    • Drilling into it will now open a report in a separate window
  • The project tab allows you to view by org and drill through or drill down. You can drill up and down to see the data in the way that speaks most clearly to you.
    • Quickly go granular to see things such as direct expenses by labor and non-labor costs. See which projects have the best profit and flip to see those nearing the red.
  • Navigation or cookie crumb paths
  • Relative time capability allows you to look at certain periods across the dashboard

No more rushing to create a report that covers all the information needs of the executive. No more endless follow up reports to compare periods and data drill downs. The Costpoint executive dashboard puts the data government contractor executives need, in their hands in one place to easily drill to any level of the organization for a clear understanding of business and project health.

2. New Security options for accounting and project roles. You can now establish new groups with permissions to access specific accounting content. For example, you can set permissions as to who can access the secure executive data. Or, use the Accounts Receivable (A/R) group to set permissions on secured A/R content.

There are two new project groups as well. You can use one to set permissions on secure project content and the other to set permissions on secure project-based planning content.

Your groups set up in Costpoint flow through to Costpoint Business Intelligence - CER. This automation means no rework in setting up these groups. These new secure groups help you with both your security and collaboration needs by providing support to restrict project data exclusively to those authorized to see the data.

3. A new Trended Income Statement Report is part of General Ledger (GL).  There are new key subject areas for (GL) and A/R in secured models so you can easily create income statements and budget comparisons. The New Trended Income Statement Report with revision history now places the cover page on the second tab.

4. New Relative Time Filter in GL and Projects. Select a range and filter and pull in data going back 24 periods or look at your current YTD. Aggregate by year or quarter. There are many options for you to compare periods. Relative time is available in Financial Reporting and the Projects module.

When you upgrade to CER 7.2.3, you will have even more flexibility in how you view your data and how you can configure your dashboards. One last thing, you can report on user-defined fields.

Check out this Costpoint Business Intelligence – CER webinar for more information.

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