Introducing The Costpoint Time Mobile App

Posted by Leslie Baran on September 3, 2019

Woman on cell phone Costpoint Time Mobile App

In an ongoing effort to better support project-based businesses faced with an increasingly mobile workforce, we’ve launched the new Costpoint Time mobile app. This real-time, cloud-based solution provides government contractors with a solution to get away from manual timekeeping processes. Now more than ever, a secure, mobile timekeeping solution that makes tracking, reporting, viewing and approving time, is critical to support employees on the go.

Impacts to Your Business

With the Costpoint Time mobile app, businesses delivering on government contracts benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Greater Ease and Efficiency
    If your employees are spending increasing amounts of time offsite visiting clients and are working in multiple locations or from remote offices, having the ability to enter time on the go, regardless of where employees may be, means less time focused on time entry and more time focused on the job at hand. This can lead to better productivity, and improved accuracy, saving businesses time and money.
  • Improved Accuracy
    With mobile time entry, employees don’t have to wait until they are in front of a computer and struggling to remember hours spent on particular projects that may have occurred days ago, to enter their hours. The ability to securely enter data anytime, anywhere, allows for an accurate reflection of hours worked to be recorded at the time of completion, wherever the employee may be. If errors are made, they can be revised quickly, helping your workforce with compliance and daily timekeeping requirements. 
  • Insights When You Want Them
    Accessing labor and cost data at any time can lead to quicker decisions to shift project resources, ensuring projects stay on track throughout the project life-cycle. 

A Dynamic Solution

The Costpoint Time mobile app is supported on IOS 11, or higher, and Android 7, or higher, mobile platforms. It is full of robust features and capabilities, including:

  • Time entry: Users can quickly enter hours, auto load charge favorites, look up charges from favorites or charge trees as well as make revisions and review hours.
  • Leave balances: No need to guess about vacation, holiday or sick time. With one touch, an overview of leave balances is provided. Users can also drill down for a more in-depth look.
  • Tasks: Visual notifications make users aware of outstanding tasks, including updating, signing and approving time-sheets.
  • Approve time-sheets: Approvals can be done by time period and approvers have a number of options to choose from, including approve, reject, audit or day view. Day view will take the user to the complete time-sheet for review.
  • Settings: Customizable settings allow government contractors to best meet their specific needs while getting the most out of the Cosptoint Time mobile app.

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