Have You Seen the Latest Updates to the New Costpoint User Interface?

Posted by Annette Grotz on July 17, 2019

Costpoint New UI 2019

Call it the New, New UI. Call it bolder, brighter and defined. Call it streamlining ERP for government contractors to the max.

The latest release of Costpoint, system jar 54, introduces a number of capabilities to include an “easy button” and an “easy button light.” It also includes customer recommended changes from the initial, new user interface (UI) release, such as softer colors, improved contrast and more distinct screen sections.

Did you ever think that “month-end close” and “easy button” could be used in the same sentence? Let alone, month-end close for companies delivering on government contracts? Costpoint makes it easier with consolidation. On one screen, by simply entering the accounting period and selecting the projects to update, you can now complete eight, month-end-close processes in one click.

The “easy-button light” simplifies three processes around cost pools, revenue computation and project reports generation. Simply enter the accounting period and select the projects to update and with one click – each of these processes is completed.

2019_Costpoint screenshot report processing_govcon

If you use favorites or have constructed ways in which to see only the channels, podcasts or brands you like, you will appreciate Costpoint’s new show/hide feature. Now user profiles can be set up to show only the necessary fields needed by each user to efficiently do their jobs. The less-busy screens retain only the needed field options, thereby helping users quickly complete their project tasks and reports. As your company grows, you can make the fields reappear as needed. And what is really great about this new feature, it can be controlled at the administrator or user level.

A sneak peek at a new capability for the next Costpoint release will reveal My Process Navigation. You will be able to define what you want to access and the order in which they will occur throughout the process. You can toggle back and forth never losing visibility of a process.

Check Out the Latest Release of Costpoint’s New User Interface

Register for this on-demand webinar to see Costpoint’s latest version of the new UI. Kimberly Meagher, Deltek Solutions Engineer Manager, provides a quick and fun 15-minute tour of what’s available now, and a peek at what is coming in the next Costpoint release.

PS: Thank you Costpoint customers for reaching out and letting us know how to continue to make Costpoint your ERP system of choice.

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