New Opportunity and Pipeline Analysis in Costpoint Contract Management

Posted by Dan Firrincili on February 20, 2019


As a business development or capture manager, your life revolves around opportunities and the successful management of opportunities within your organization’s sales pipeline. After all, the ability to win new business is paramount to the success of any government contractor.

Whether large or small, your capture team – and by extension – the contract and project teams aligned to your capture pursuits, must have access to accurate, real-time opportunity and RFP data. With its integration to GovWin IQ, Costpoint Contract Management is already helping companies that win and deliver government contracts reduce data entry during the pre-award process, record conflicts of interest, monitor bid and proposal costs, and track the financial and non-financial aspects a contract.

Now Costpoint can also reduce the time you spend analyzing and reporting on your opportunity pipeline and existing contracts. Our new library of flexible analytics dashboards and business intelligence reports give business development and capture managers the power to analyze what is happening throughout the entire capture management process. With complete visibility into business development activity, you will prioritize activities, assess pipeline health more accurately, and deploy resources to effectively track and win more business.

Make data-driven decisions about your opportunity pipeline with Costpoint

In this blog, we’ll preview the new library of dashboards and analysis in Costpoint Contract Management that can help your teams produce accurate forecasts, assess pipeline health, and monitor important metrics such as win/loss rates.

Opportunities Intelligence includes:

  • Dashboard – Customizable analytics to explore your pipeline data.
  • Current Pipeline – Lists all current pipeline data to easily track what opportunities are active and the weighted revenue and probability of win for each.  
  • 360o Customer Report – Shows all contacts, opportunities, contracts, projects and activities related to a specific customer. 
  • Win/Loss Analysis – Helps you determine if you are pursuing the right type of opportunities by showing won vs lost opportunities.

Contracts Intelligence includes:

  • Dashboard – Customizable analytics to explore your contract and customer data.
  • Backlog Analysis – Helps you determine how much money is remaining on each contract and may indicate if action needs to be taken, for example due to contract overruns. 
  • Contract Vehicle Report – Indicates how many task orders have been assigned to a specific vehicle and the total awarded values.  Also indicates all task orders and values associated with specific contract vehicles, which may be important for audits. 


Costpoint Contract Management has been enhanced with a new library of flexible dashboards and reports to empower business development and capture leaders to make data-driven decisions about their organization’s opportunity pipeline. For tips on how Costpoint can help you track opportunity, contract, and project activity in your pipeline and with your customers, check out this contract management webinar hosted by Deltek Solution Engineers Emily Kourey and Justin Sommer.

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