Six Reasons Engineer to Order Manufacturers Need an Engineer to Order ERP System

Posted by Annette Grotz on December 27, 2018


Costpoint Manufacturing software is designed for innovative engineer to order manufacturers. Here is how:

  1. ETO companies build products designed to customer specifications
    1. Costpoint Manufacturing’s Engineering Change Notice (ECN) capabilities track changes, can help enforce inspection approvals, and keep customers and manufacturers on the same page
    2. Documents can be attached within the system and stay with the project for the entire life of the project
  2. Products have low volume, are complex with long lead times
    1. Costpoint Manufacturing bills of material can be indented, copied and compared
    2. Quality issues can be hidden as companies are not making the same thing every time. Costpoint’s integrated solution provides visibility to all steps of the build process, from bid to ship. By capturing and storing valuable data for analysis, it also automates the creation of an audit trail.
    3. Automation and wireless access make the workflow work effectively. Costpoint’s business intelligence helps you find efficiency leaks and validate their remedy.

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    Costpoint Materials and Engineer to Order Manufacturing

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  3. Each product requires a unique set of item numbers, bills of material, and routings
    1. With Costpoint Manufacturing, you can trace every item, every transaction, every time
    2. Easily manage government furnished material with inventory capabilities that track down to the project level.
    3. Using Costpoint’s materials resource planning (MRP) capabilities, you can monitor demand, manage planning across multiple projects, and automate action messages.
  4. Engineering changes are a way of life
    1. Use the impact analysis report to see the effects of a change, prior to making the change
    2. Run a project status report with real-time data in a matter of a few clicks
    3. Save time and prevent losses of important information by attaching and viewing documents within your Sharepoint instance and its seamless tie to Costpoint.
  5. Material is purchased not for inventory but for a specific project
    1. Costs are allocated to a project automatically. Use approved requisitions to generate purchase orders.
    2. See all open purchase order commitments. In a matter of a few clicks, generate an inventory transaction history report and an inventory status report. Use borrow and payback inventory types to accommodate shifting project priorities.
    3. All teams (operations, contracts, procurement, finance, projects …) benefit from Costpoint’s extensive manufacturing capabilities that bring control and automation to the entire manufacturing process.
  6. Capturing and tracking costs in real time is critical
    1. Costs can be analyzed at the project, organization, and account levels and are captured in real time as everything, to include procurement and time (labor) and expense, is in one system
    2. Gain visibility as Costpoint tracks incurred and pending costs at the charge level (Work Breakdown Structure, WBS)
    3. As our customers say, Costpoint bridges the gap between manufacturing and finance.


The right ERP system helps manufacturers of all sizes meet their unique ETO needs. It is scalable, captures and analyzes data down to the project level, and competently handles compliance needs for manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industries, or those delivering on government contracts.

Watch this webinar to see how Engineer to Order Manufacturers use Costpoint Manufacturing Software to make efficiency gains throughout the entire manufacturing process.


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